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Have an old pool taking up space in your backyard? Tired of paying extra on your home insurance just because you own a swimming pool? Want to replace your existing pool with a new one?

No matter what your reasons for removing a swimming pool in Altoona, Pennsylvania, we’re here to make the process simple. We’re Remove A Pool, the professional, no-stress pool removal solution, and for over 25 years we’ve been helping homeowners like you enjoy freedom from their unwanted pools.

Signs It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Your Pool

Having a pool on your property can be a lot of fun, but if you’re like most homeowners, you might find that pool ownership is a lot of work too.

Here’s some signs it could be time to have your pool removed:

  • You spend more time cleaning and maintaining your pool than you do actually swimming in it
  • You have to constantly add water to your pool, and you’re worried all that missing water is leaking under the foundation of your home
  • You’re spending more money than you’d like on heating your pool
  • Your kids have all grown up and left home, and now your pool sits unused most of the time
  • You’d like to put an addition onto your home, but your pool is in the way
  • You’re tired of friends, neighbors, and family members treating your personal pool like their own
  • You’d like to upgrade your old, ugly pool with a new, modern one

Full-Service Altoona Pennsylvania Swimming Pool Removal

Here at Remove A Pool, we’re proud to provide homeowners with full-service pool removal – that means we’ll take care of all the permits, skilled labor, tools, equipment, and disposal fees it takes to leave your yard perfectly level and ready for your next project.

All of our contractors licensed, insured, and verified U.S. citizens, so you can feel comfortable calling us when you need help removing a swimming pool in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

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