Aspen Hill & Layhill Maryland Pool Demolition

Although your in-ground pool may likely hold many memories of good times shared with family and friends, if the pool has reached its lifetime and become a hassle it’s time for removal. And when it’s time for removal, the company to get in touch with when removing a pool in Aspen Hill Maryland is Remove A Pool.

For expert removal of any type of in-ground pool and for dependable, reliable services, we’re the team to call upon. We offer FREE in-home estimates, safe services, and superior customer service.

Peace of Mind Pool Demolition

Remove A Pool is highly-experienced with the removal of in-ground pools throughout the state of Maryland. Homeowners know that we’re a company that they can trust when it’s time for Aspen Hill Maryland pool demolition. Our company is licensed, insured, and the entire Remove A Pool team is trained in the expert, safe removal of in-ground pools.

How Aspen Hill Maryland Pool Demolition Works

When you contact Remove A Pool for an estimate, we’ll provide you with an estimated price on our services after viewing the pool area. You’ll receive an estimated price for the cost of an abandonment removal and an exhumation removal. These are the two types of Aspen Hill Maryland pool demolition that we perform to remove an in-ground pool.

The difference between the two methods is in the cost of removal and in the amount of concrete removed. When you opt for an exhumation removal, you’re opting for a complete removal of the pool. This method is more costly as it involves more labor and more concrete removal. When opting for an abandonment removal, customers receive half removal.

You’re probably wondering what happens with the rest of the pool. This section will get “hole-punched” by Remove A Pool using specialized machinery. We then fill in the space. Dirt and rocks are used to fill in the space left behind with both the abandonment removal method and the exhumation removal method.

The Final Phase of Demolition

The final phase when removing a pool in Aspen Maryland involves the removal of all pool debris. This debris is then transferred to a waste facility. Some debris will get recycled. Some debris will not. Lastly, Remove A Pool offers the option of “grass seed” for the space of pool removal. Grass seed does have an additional charge and we’ll only perform this optional service when it’s requested.

To start removing a pool in Aspen Hill Maryland with Remove A Pool, contact us today!