Centreville Maryland Pool Demolition: A Brief Rundown

You’re finally ready to begin removing a pool in Centreville Maryland, but before you pick up the phone to request your FREE estimate with Remove A Pool, you’d like to learn a little more. It’s human nature to want to know what to anticipate prior to starting anything new, so we’re going to provide you with a brief rundown of the Centreville Maryland pool demolition process. With Remove A Pool handling the removal of your old pool, it’s smooth sailing.

First Thing’s First

The very first step involved in removing a pool in Centreville Maryland involves the estimate, which is completely complementary. During your complementary estimate, we’ll send one of our experts to your property to view the pool.

While there, the representative will go over your removal options, discuss pricing and address any concerns you may have. After the estimate, it is possible that we may need to obtain a permit. This requirement varies per location.

Your Options

The options for Centreville Maryland pool demolition include:

Abandonment: Partial removal; cost-effective; a little different from exhumation.

Exhumation: Full removal; higher priced; should be considered under certain circumstances.

When performing an abandonment, using special machinery, we hole-punch the remaining concrete. The holes that we punch using machinery will help the pool to drain in the future when it rains, etc.

Water Removal and Demolition

Prior to digging out the pool, we’ll drain the pool of any remaining water by drilling holes into the concrete. Following water removal, we’ll start breaking apart the concrete. Once we’ve demolished the pool, we’re going to fill it in and begin removing debris from your property. We use dirt and rocks to fill in the remaining space in the ground for both methods of Centreville Maryland pool demolition.

Does the idea of new grass appeal to you?

To help out homeowners, we offer the service of fresh grass after pool removal. This service does have a separate fee, though, and is only performed when requested by property owners. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, this is something to consider.

To learn more about removing a pool in Centreville Maryland with the licensed, insured, and qualified professionals of Remove A Pool, contact us today to request a FREE estimate!