Remove A Pool understands all the reasons for pool demolition and removal. Our professional and reliable staff provides every client with comprehensive service at a competitive rate. Our highly qualified team understands the uniqueness of each above ground and in ground pool. The team can demolish the pool, remove the debris, fill and cover the area with efficiency.

Removing A Pool in Hyattsville, Maryland

The Remove A Pool team begins by checking all the legal aspects of pool demolition and removal in the Hyattsville, Maryland area. Permits and zoning regulations are the first steps in removing the pool from the property. With the paperwork in order, the swimming pool removal process begins. After draining the pool by drilling holes in the concrete, the removal begins in one of two ways.

  • Partial Pool Removal: Our team begins by removing the concrete structure down to about a two-foot level. After the concrete is significantly below the surface, our team fills the empty space with gravel and high-quality soil to ensure vegetation growth.
  • Full Pool Removal: The full pool removal technique removes every part of the pool structure. The pool demolition team begins by reducing the structure to workable pieces. Removing the debris from the site is the next step. Sufficiently filling in the area with gravel and soil is the final step in the removing a pool in removing a pool in Hyattsville, Maryland.

Making a minimal impact on the surrounding area, our Remove A Pool team is proficient. We offer a 5-year satisfaction guarantee with our services. For more information about our highly regarded pool removal services, please contact us today. We are here to answer all your questions and provide an estimate for our services.