Remove A Pool can help today’s property owners to make better use of their space. There are many benefits to removing a pool – increasing the amount of available space to enjoy, reducing liability risks, and improving overall home value. Yet, many people don’t realize the process of pool removal. At Remove A Pool, our team works hand in hand with you to ensure the process is done properly and safely, reducing any risk that you’ll be unhappy with the results.

What Is the Process Involve?

Removing a pool in Lancaster, California starts with an inspection. Our team will meet with you to discuss the specific process. Generally, it will be necessary for the pool to be drained of any and all water and debris. Then, all underground plumbing must be disconnected to ensure all lines are properly safe. Then, there is the need to consider the options available. Those include the following:

Abandonment of the Pool

Up to 98 percent of all Lancaster, California pool demolition projects fall into this category. In short, it is the least expensive option and involves a ski loader. This earth moving equipment will create a cavity by punching holes into the center of the pool. It then will hammer and remove the top two to three feet of the pool and pushes that into the cavity. Additional dirt is placed into the pool and compacted several times. The cavity is eventually filled though some settlement will still occur. We can also help with seeding or sod installation as well as replacing any fencing.

Exhume the Pool

Remove A Pool can also provide a full exhumation of the structure. This is done using a track loader or excavator. All of the material is removed and hauled away. Then, the empty cavity is filled in with dirt and compacted to ensure it creates a smooth surface. This method is more expensive, but can provide a better final result for some situations.

Remove A Pool is the only Lancaster, California pool demolition company you need for the task. Let our trusted and experienced team handle the full removal of your pool for you at an affordable cost. You’ll appreciate having your yard back to the way you want it to be.