10 Things You Should Know About Pool Demolition and Pool Removal

If you are looking to remove a current structure or are doing some additions or similar, you will need the services of a qualified pool demolition specialist.  Pool Removal or Demolition can be both fast and interesting because it is not very difficult to complete.  Most demolition work can be done under a week, while work that requires remodel or renovation can be a bit longer.  Regardless, it may look like chaos, but there is a strategy behind it, and one that you are well advised to understand.  Failing to do so can be expensive and possibly dangerous.  Here are 10 things you should know about demolition.

  1. Leave it to the pros – Yes; you can possibly rent a backhoe and do it yourself as a cost saving measure. You can also destroy property besides your own and without liability insurance, you are responsible.
  2. Make nice with the neighbors – A gift is a good idea. The demolition will make lots of noise and be messy, so keeping the neighbors happy is important. If they have kids, find out if they can watch from a safe distance.  Kids + big machines + destruction = happy.
  3. Permits – If your contractor has not done so, get the required county or city permits before you start. This is not a serious process, but it will save time and headaches down the line.
  4. Nasties – Older homes in particular may have asbestos in them, and if they do, it can be an issue. Asbestos has carcinogens and is linked to cancer. Professionals will have the equipment and gear to remove all of it from the home.
  5. Relocate for a time – Demolition is messy. Try to schedule during an extended break like Christmas or summer and go on a small vacation or to visit relatives.
  6. Expect to do more – Once the initial work is over, the home may look like apes built it. This is normal with an older home. Remove more than you think you need, and budget for it.
  7. Go full on – Tear it down to the studs. You are likely to find hidden problems as well as plumbing and electrical that is out of code.
  8. Listen to the demolition leader – If he makes a suggestion, it is wise to consider it. He is the professional and has done this for a living for many years. Trust him.
  9. Spending – Plan on about 10 percent of your budget in demolition. Home building and construction has price fluxations like any business. After demolition, things will level out.
  10. Recycle – That old door can be stripped down, refinished and will make a lovely part of the home. The same can be said with other parts as well. Ask what would work for a recycle and what would not.

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