An unused backyard pool that’s fallen into disrepair can detract from the look of your property and even negatively impact your home’s real estate value and marketability. Remove A Pool specializes in removing pool in California. Experienced and staffed by dedicated crews, our pool removal services are comprehensive and fairly priced. When it comes to California swimming pool removal, Remove A Pool is your premier service provider who can help you reclaim your property quickly and reliably.

Take Back Your Backyard

An unused or abandoned backyard pool can be a liability for your property. It can actually prevent you from coming outside to enjoy your space. What could you do with all that reclaimed space? After removing your California swimming pool, you can create a garden, build a deck or patio, or simply provide your dog with more running space. Once a pool becomes unusable, it’s only going to fall further into disrepair, which can impact the value of your home and pose a real property liability. You owe it to yourself and your home investment to contact Remove A Pool to find out about our customized rates. Removing a swimming pool in California requires expert demolition services. We provide those services at competitive rates. Once you reclaim your backyard space, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to call Remove A Pool.

Why Do People Remove Their Pool?

Remove A Pool has been helping Californian’s remove their unwanted swimming pools for twenty years. The most common reasons for California swimming pool removal are:

Selling a Home: Many home buyers are put off by properties that have swimming pools owing to their expensive upkeep. Moreover, a pool that is in serious need of repairs or is actually beyond repair is definitely going to detract from the home’s asking price. Homeowners who want to effectively market their home and maintain its value call Remove A Pool to help them reclaim their outdoor space.

State of Disrepair

Pools don’t last forever, and it often happens that even the best maintained pools reach the point of no return. Pools that are beyond repair keep the demolition experts at Remove A Pool busy. Many homeowners simply do not want to invest further in an aged pool that continually breaks down.

Alternative Needs for the Property

Sometimes Remove A Pool demolishes unwanted backyard pools because the owners simply want to use their backyard space for other reasons. For people who don’t enjoy swimming, a pool is merely taking up space that can be used more effectively.

Buying a New Pool

Removing a swimming pool in California is sometimes an essential step before a brand new pool can be installed. Remove A Pool has had many customers over the years who actually love their backyard pool but have reached the point where they need to replace their old one. We can do a partial removal or simply skip the landfill step in the removal process for our customers.

California Swimming Pool Removal: The Process

Before beginning a demolition, we’ll need to evaluate the pool in question. During our visit, we can provide you with pool removal solutions and help you select the type of demolition that best suits your needs. With abandonment demolition, our expert crews will remove most of the pool, but will use heavy-duty machinery to puncture drainage holes in the remaining foundation. With exhumation demolition, we will remove the entire pool. We can also fill in the cavity and plant grass to top it off. We will provide you with a customized estimate for removing your California swimming pool and answer any questions you might have. After that, we can schedule the demolition date.

Before the demolition can take place, Remove A Pool can acquire all the needed permits if you prefer. Once we get started, you can rely on our thorough and efficient crews to safely remove your unwanted pool. After the process is complete, we will remove the debris. We take the debris to a special facility that recycles this material for other uses. Many of our California customers are relieved to know that their pool removal enhances the green movement.

Finally, we will fill in the pool cavity and top it off with fresh grass. By the time our process is completed, our customers will have a brand new backyard to look forward too.

Call Remove A Pool Today

If you have a pool that has become a liability issue, it’s time to reclaim your property and call Removal A Pool for the safe removal of your California swimming pool. Our rates are fair and our crews are experts at the removal process. We look forward to helping you rid your setting of an unwanted pool so you can enjoy your outdoor space once again.