An unwanted swimming pool is more than simply a burden—it’s actually a property liability. Remove a pool specializes in swimming pool removal in Texas. We’ve been in the pool removal business for twenty years. We serve both residential and commercial property owners with our complete lineup of demolition and Texas swimming pool removal services. If you’re thinking of removing a swimming pool in Texas, contact Remove A Pool today. We will manage the entire removal process and even plant grass on our way out.

Remove A Pool: Experts in Texas Swimming Pool Removal

A pool removal may seem like a big, complicated task, but Remove A Pool specializes in this type of work. We feature experienced crews who are certified to operate all the needed equipment to safely and efficiently remove your Texas swimming pool. Safety is our top priority. You can count on our crews to manage their entire process with skill and reliable expertise. If you no longer want your pool, we can get rid of it at an affordable cost.

Why Do Customers Remove Their Texas Swimming Pools?

Residential and commercial customers want their pools removed for any number or reasons. Even though professionally installed in-ground pools can last for decades, they won’t last forever. Remove A Pool often removes swimming pools for these reasons:

Upkeep and Cost: Maintaining a swimming pool is expensive. It can cost anywhere from $4,000 and more in annual costs to maintain a Texas swimming pool. Many commercial property owners have the additional high cost of insurance to contend with.

House Sale: Remove A Pool often removes Texas swimming pools at homes before they are listed for sale. An non-working pool can significantly detract from the home’s asking price. A potential home buyer may not want to pay for a home that has a irreparable pool or even a working pool. Some buyers simply don’t want the expense and headache associated with pool maintenance.

Pool Isn’t Working: A pool that is beyond repair is a liability and simply taking up precious space. If a pool cannot be fixed, it has to go.

No Longer Wanted: Sometimes families simply outgrow their pools, making it hard to justify the expense. In these cases, Remove A Pool can help property owners reclaim their space so it can be used for another purpose such as a garden or patio.

Whatever the reason is for your Texas swimming pool removal, we will tackle the job at a competitive price. Don’t trust your property to an inferior service provider. Remove A Pool are the experts in Texas when it comes to the safe removal of swimming pools.

Understanding the Demolition Process

Before we can schedule a date for your Texas swimming pool removal, we’ll need to assess your pool to determine a best course of action. You’ll also need to tell us what type of demolition you prefer. Abandonment demolition is when we remove most of the pool but leave some behind. We will drill holes in the remaining material for drainage. An exhumation removal involves the removal of all materials. In both cases, we will get rid of the debris, fill in the cavity, and even plant grass before leaving your property.

Remove A Pool will provide you with an estimate before we begin removing your pool. We can also procure any required permits for the job. If you have questions about our demolition services, be sure to contact us for more information. Removing a swimming pool in Texas is a job best left to professionals. Because we have the heavy-duty equipment needed for this work, we can generally manage the job quickly and cost effectively.

Reclaim Your Space

Removing a swimming pool in Texas is your answer to a fresh start for your property. If your pool is no longer working or you simply don’t want it, call Remove A Pool to discuss all of our Texas pool removal options. We can schedule the pool removal at your convenience.