Professional Pool Backfilling Services in Alexandria, Virginia Area

Do you need a highly reputable and affordable Alexandria swimming pool backfilling services? We at Remove A Pool believe in providing optimal results. Our fully insured and experienced team specializes in the efficient removal of your unwanted swimming pool. We equip our pool removal experts with the best tools, machinery, and equipment for efficiency. Valuing your personal property, we always work to minimize our impact.

Valuing our clients, we begin each process by offering you a free estimate of our services. When the time comes, our team obtains the right permits. We want your swimming pool removal experience to be stress-free. Helping you reclaim your property for your current or upcoming project is our highest priority.

Reasons for Backfilling a Swimming Pool in Alexandria

Every property owner has a personal reason for wanting to engage in high-quality swimming pool removal. Some of our clients’ past reasons include:

  • No one uses the swimming pool.
  • The pool requires major costly repairs.
  • The pool was already on the property when you purchased the home.
  • Upgrading to a modern model.
  • Maintenance, cleaning, and pool related supplies keep increasing in cost.
  • The need to eliminate liabilities.

Our Highly Efficient Alexandria Swimming Pool Backfill Services

Regardless of the size, shape or condition, Remove A Pool offers two high-quality swimming pool backfill services–partial and complete. Deciding on the best option for you depends on your personal needs.

  • Partial: Also known as abandonment, the partial removal process requires our team to only remove the upper portion of your swimming pool. The remaining portion is left in the ground. Punching holes throughout the bottom layer, we allow for proper drainage. Partial removal generally has a faster turnaround rate with lower costs.
  • Complete: Also known as exhumation, the complete removal process requires our team to remove your entire swimming pool from your property. Complete removal enables you to build on your property without pool-related restrictions.

Each swimming pool removal process yields high-end results. Filling in the area with gravel and soil, you will never know the pool was on your property.

If you are ready for your free estimate or need more information about backfilling a swimming pool in Alexandria, Virginia, please contact us at Remove A Pool today.

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