Does your swimming pool need extensive repairs or complete replacing? Are you thinking your best option is to remove your swimming pool? Let us at Remove A Pool handle all of the details. We provide reliable and comprehensive services for removing a swimming pool in Allen, Texas.

Our fully insured demolition experts are prompt, friendly professionals. We use only the top of the line equipment to ensure efficiency. No matter the size or condition of your pool, our experience and knowledge enable our specialists to handle all types of pool demolition requirements.

Property owners are interested in swimming pool removal for a variety of reasons including reclaiming yard space, reducing costs, and eliminating potential hazards. Regardless of the reason, we at Remove A Pool provide complete customer service from start to finish.

An overview of your needs is the first step in the swimming pool backfill process. Analyzing your needs, we provide a free estimate of our services. We research local guidelines and restrictions. Our specialists also obtain the proper permits.

During the demolition process, our specialists never cut corners. We believe in high-quality work at each stage of the pool removal process. We offer our clients two options, abandonment or exhumation when removing a swimming pool in Allen, Texas.

  • Abandonment: If you pick the abandonment option, we remove only a portion of your swimming pool. After punching holes in the bottom for drainage, the rest of your pool remains in the ground for burial.
  • Exhumation: Using the exhumation process, our team removes everything pool-related from your property.

We at Remove A Pool provide an extensive cleanup process as the first step to restore your property. We remove all of the leftover debris. We fill any remaining open spaces with gravel and topsoil. We want your yard clear and smooth for your next project. Keep in mind, if you need further excavation services, our team is able to help. We can prep and grade your site to meet your contractors’ needs.

If you are ready for your free estimate or need more information for backfilling a swimming pool in Allen, Texas, please contact us at Remove A Pool today.