Is your pool no longer serving its purpose? Maybe it used to provide you and your family with hours of fun, but has turned into more of a burden in recent times. If this is the case for you, then it might be time to think about swimming pool removal in Anaheim. The professionals at Remove A Pool can take care of removing a swimming pool in Anaheim California and restore your property to perfection.

Property owners have many reasons for wanting to remove a pool. The most common reasons that we encounter when our customers call on us for our pool removal services are:

  • The swimming pool is no longer being used
  • The issues with maintenance and repairs are expensive and ongoing
  • The swimming pool poses a safety hazard as well as insurance risks
  • The homeowner desires to use the property for other purposes
  • The property owner is selling the property

When you call the professionals at Remove A Pool, you can rest assured knowing that the Anaheim California swimming pool removal process will be thoroughly explained and we will address any questions you may have. We find that property owners are more comfortable with the process once they understand how it works. The basic steps involved in removing a swimming pool in are discussed below.

  • One of our swimming pool removal professionals will visit your property for an assessment. You will then be provided with an estimate. Any questions or concerns you have will also be addressed at this time.
  • Remove A Pool will drain the pool so that we will be ready for the next phase of the project.
  • You can count on Remove A Pool to obtain any necessary permits required for the swimming pool removal.
  • You can choose from two options for the pool removal. The most popular and most cost-effective option is partial pool removal. We remove most of the pool by collapsing it and removing the concrete. The other option is complete pool removal. Both methods require us to fill the remaining hole with dirt and rocks that allow for optimal drainage and proper settling.
  • Remove A Pool will clean up all the debris and haul it away so that your property is ready to use immediately after the Anaheim California swimming pool removal.
  • The last step in the process requires us to plant fresh grass. This is an added touch that our customers appreciate because it makes the property beautiful and ready to use.

If you’ve been thinking about removing a swimming pool then you should give us a call immediately. We will explain the process to you so that you have a complete understanding of what will happen when we come to your property. It is our goal to ensure our customers are fully informed throughout the entire Anaheim California swimming pool removal process. We will answer your questions and ensure you are aware of what’s going on. When we finish removing a swimming pool in Anaheim, you can relax and enjoy your beautiful property that will be perfectly restored and ready for your desired use.