Removing a swimming pool is a big project, one that takes a skilled and dedicated team of professionals. If you want to get rid of your unwanted pool, and you want it done quickly and expertly, put your trust in Remove A Pool. Our team is experienced, fully insured, and available to get started on your project right away. Take a moment to learn more about our process and what you can expect from our team.

Annandale Swimming Pool Removal

We work closely with you to provide you with exceptional service every step of the way. When our team arrives to provide you with a comprehensive estimate and consultation, we’ll explain the process to you. Here’s what you can expect.

  • We’ll first take the time to obtain any necessary permits for your community. Most areas will have some requirements for our team to meet. As a fully licensed organization, you can expect us to meet all requirements.
  • We’ll then work to remove the water from the pool. We do this by drilling through the concrete. This will allow the water to escape in a safe manner. This is a safe and cost effective manner.
  • We then will remove the inground pool structure. We’ll fill in the open space afterwards and ensure the very best level ground is left behind.

How much of the pool we remove depends on many factors. Specifically, you can determine if you would like a partial or full pool removal. Partial pool removal is the most common option and it is also the least expensive. We will remove the concrete component of your pool. However, the rest of the pool area is not removed. Rather, we’ll fill it in and pack it down using soil and gravel. In full removal, we demolish the entire structure. We will break up the structure and then removal the material within. We haul away the material for you.

Why Trust Remove A Pool

In Annandale, swimming pool demolition must be done in a safe manner. There are going to be county codes and stipulations that have to be met. Our team takes every step possible to minimize the risk of damage to your landscaping. We use only the best equipment to ensure safety throughout the process. In addition to this, we’re committed to helping you have the best outcome possible. Take a moment to give us a call to get more information on how we can get started.

Why Remove Your Inground Pool?

Removing a pool is an affordable process and one that can help you to gain new use for your backyard again. Cut the costs of maintaining a pool a higher home insurance. Instead, get the outcome you desire so you can use your yard the way that works for your need.

Pool demolition from our team is available to you today. Give Remove A Pool a call to set up a time for a consultation and a free, no obligation estimate for removing your existing pool.