Do you have an old, neglected pool taking up valuable room in your backyard? Are you searching for a simple, hassle-free way to make that unwanted pool disappear?

When you’re thinking about backfilling a swimming pool in Arlington, Virginia, call us here at Remove A Pool to schedule your free, no-obligation estimate. As the nation’s most trusted name in pool removal, we take pride in performing high-quality work that’s guaranteed to deliver lasting results for years to come.

Your Local Arlington Swimming Pool Backfill Team

At Remove A Pool, we’ve been helping homeowners, Realtors, property managers, and real estate investors for more than 25 years. We’ve worked hard to develop the safest, most efficient, and most comprehensive pool demolition services in the industry, and we’re honored to be endorsed by the National Association of Realtors.

We offer two types of in-ground pool demolition – pool filling (also known as partial pool demolition) and complete pool extraction.

Arlington In-Ground Pool Filling Services

Pool filling is the most economical choice for property owners who are simply looking to have their existing in-ground pool closed and filled in. This service involves disconnection of all the utility lines feeding the pool pump, filtration system, and heater; siphoning out any remaining pool water, and punching multiple drainage holes in the base of the pool.

We then go ahead and tear down the upper 18 to 36 inches of the pool liner and surrounding deck before filling in the entire pool with clean sand, topsoil, and gravel. The end result is a safe, level, and stable space that blends perfectly with your backyard, allowing you to expand your lawn, create a new garden, or even build a dog run or playhouse for the kids.

Complete In-Ground Pool Removal

Our complete pool removal service involved the extraction of the entire pool structure from your property prior to filling, compacting, and leveling out the project site.

Because this process is far more labor-intensive than our normal filling service, the up-front cost is higher, however, complete pool removal restores your property back to the condition it was in before your pool was installed. This can be a good option if you plan to sell your home or build over the area where your pool is right now.

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