Does the yearly cost of your swimming pool keep increasing? Do you wonder if the cost justifies the amount of time you spend in your pool? Getting rid of your swimming pool will create extra yard space for you to enjoy. We at Remove A Pool offer fast, reliable Bedford swimming pool removal services to fit your needs.

Eliminating costs and freeing up yard space are only two of the numerous benefits for removing a swimming pool in Bedford.

Other benefits include:

  • Eliminating risks for your small children or pets
  • Lowering monthly utility consumption
  • Increasing your chances of attracting more potential buyers for your home.
  • Ability to build an outdoor entertainment area for family gatherings

We at Remove A Pool are happy to help you to take advantage of these benefits.

Overview of Our High-Quality Bedford Swimming Pool Removal Services

At Remove A Pool, we approach every project uniquely. We know each swimming pool removal has unique needs for removal. In order to meet those needs, we start the process with a free estimate. We assess your situation, develop an individualized plan of action, acquire permits and set a date for removal.

Next, our fully insured and experienced team begins the demolition process. Remove A Pool offers two choices for removing a swimming pool.

  • Exhumation: A full removal process, our demolition specialists remove every piece of your swimming pool from your yard.
  • Abandonment: A partial removal process, our demolition specialists only removes the upper concrete sections of the pool. Using this process requires us to drill holes in the bottom of the pool for efficient drainage on your property.

Both backfill processes will deliver superior results to your property. We continue our services by removing the large amounts of debris. If the debris is not recyclable, we follow all guidelines for proper disposal. Our Remove A Pool experts finalize the process by filling and packing the open areas with rocks, gravel, and topsoil.

If you need more information on backfilling a swimming pool in Bedford, Texas please contact us at Remove A Pool today.