Remove A Pool delivers effective, all-inclusive Bel Air, California swimming pool removal solutions for discerning homeowners, investors, and renovators. We are your local, licensed pool demolition specialists.

No matter what materials your pool is made of, where your pool is located, or how damaged it is, we have the skills and experience needed to remove it safely and restore your property. Our team of skilled pool removal contractors deal with all types of pool removal projects, including infinity pools, indoor training pools, fiberglass pools, and poured concrete pools.

Removing A Swimming Pool in Bel Air, California? Here’s What You Need To Know

On the surface, most swimming pools look like simple structures – after all, a pool is just an over-sized bath tub, right?


There are 7.5 gallons of water in every cubic foot – that means a 20′ x 40′ pool with a depth of 5′ can hold up to 30,000 gallons of water. If all that water is allowed to flood out of your swimming pool during the demolition process, your home, property, or neighboring houses could sustain serious damage.

And flooding isn’t the only thing to worry about when removing a swimming pool in Bel Air, CA – it’s also important to remember all the utilities it takes to keep your pool heated, clean, and filled with water. In most cases, swimming pools are connected to high-powered electrical lines and plumbing pipes, and there may also be gas lines feeding the pool heater as well.

Before your pool is removed, all of those underground utility lines need to be located and disconnected by licensed contractors who have the experience it takes to safely cap off all the gas, water, and electrical connections. Failure to handle these utilities properly can have catastrophic consequences.

Most swimming pools also contain tons of concrete, steel, plastic, and other materials that need to be broken down, sorted, and hauled away to an approved waste management facility. Handling all of this heavy, bulky waste requires specialized tools and contractors who have advanced training in workplace safety.

Safe, Efficient Pool Removal in Bel Air, California

Here at Remove A Pool, we take pride in providing you with safe, effective pool removal solutions that are designed to protect you, your property, and our contractors while we work. We take the time to locate all the utility lines before we dig, siphon out the standing water from your pool, and manage the debris in a way that minimizes damage to your landscaping.

We’ll also fill in the void where your pool once was, and upon request we’ll plant fresh grass seed over the work site, making it virtually impossible to tell there was ever a pool in your yard.

To book your complimentary quote with our Bel Air, California swimming pool removal experts, call us here at Remove A Pool today.