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Considering removing a swimming pool in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania? Tired of the high costs, time-consuming labor, and liability issues that come with having a backyard pool? Ready to upgrade your old, outdated backyard pool with a new, modern one?

We’re Remove A Pool, and for over 25 years we’ve been helping homeowners like you with our professional, no-stress pool removal solution. Our team of fully licensed and insured swimming pool removal contractors are all verified American citizens, so you can rest assured we’ll do the job right the first time.

Why We’re Leading Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Swimming Pool Removal Company

Removing a swimming pool in can be complicated and dangerous – after all, there’s multiple utilities connections to located, massive quantities to water to extract, and tons of concrete, metal, and plastic to dismantle and take out of your yard.

Did you known that even a small, 12′ x 24′ in-ground pool contains over 10,000 US gallons of water, while the average 20′ x 40′ backyard pool contains approximately 30,000 US gallons?

Here at Remove A Pool, we have the skills and equipment needed to complete your swimming pool removal project safely and effectively. As an established, experienced full-service pool demolition and removal company, we don’t just demolish your pool and drain the water out – we completely restore your back yard so it’s ready to be landscaped.

When you hire us, we’ll carefully extract all the water from your pool in a way that protects your home, yard, and surrounding structures against the risk of flooding. Once your pool is fully drained, we’ll make sure that all water, electrical, and gas lines are safely capped off to prevent any problems with your utility connections. We’ll then work to dismantle your pool, taking care to separate out all recyclable materials for diversion to an approved recycling facility.

Once your pool is taken away and all the utilities are secured, we’ll completely fill the space where you pool was with a special mixture of sand, soil, and gravel designed to create a smooth, well-drained surface in your yard.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Here at Remove A Pool, we stand behind every single swimming pool demolition job we do with our industry-leading 5 year warranty – it’s just one more reason why we’re the pool removal company discerning property owners count on us to do the job right, the first time.

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For your complimentary, no-obligation estimate on removing a swimming pool in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, contact us today. We’ll carefully review your project goals, explain all of your pool removal options, and provide you with a clear, up-front quote that covers all the skilled labor, materials, and time needed to complete your pool removal project.