Has your swimming pool seen its better days? Is it time for some major work to get it back in working condition? Trust the professionals at Remove A Pool to return your yard space to you. For the finest Cabin John, Maryland swimming pool removal, you need the experts at Remove-A-Pool.

Why You Should Have a Swimming Pool Removed

You want to sell your house. Selling your home often depends on how enticing your listing is. Your property will appeal to a wider base of potential buyers if you have your swimming pool removed.

Increasing the value of your property. Having an old swimming pool removed from your yard can quickly raise the value of your home.

To build a new swimming pool. Have your old pool removed professionally to make room for a new, bigger swimming pool.

To create a new space to enjoy. As you get older, your interests change. If your swimming pool no longer fits your taste, get rid of it and turn the space into something wonderful.

To make your home safer. An old swimming pool can be a huge safety hazard. Remove the risk and the liability when you remove the pool.

To save money. Swimming pools are very expensive to keep up and repair. End the expense once and for all with professional removal.

Why You Can Depend on Remove A Pool

  • Our qualified demolition contractors are fully licensed by the state of Maryland, insured, and bonded.
  • We specialize in swimming pool removal. It’s our main job, not a sideline.
  • We have been in the pool removal business for over 25 years.
  • We keep our rates competitive.

The Pool Removal Process In Cabin John

Assessment: We will visit your home and examine your swimming pool and property. This will help us identify any issues we might encounter and what services you will require.

Estimate: After the home visit, we will give you an estimate, based on the results of inspection.

Permits: At Remove A Pool, you never have to worry about permits. We will obtain all that are necessary.

Demolition: You have two demolition processes to choose from when removing a pool. Complete removal gets rid of the entire pool structure. Partial removal gets rid of the top few feet only, and is a cheaper process. In both methods, the area if filled with dirt and gravel after demolition is complete.

Environmentally-Friendly Waste Removal: We will load all refuse materials on trucks and haul them off your property. We recycle all materials possible.

New Grass: We will even plant fresh grass in the removal area, if you wish.

Contact us today at Remove A Pool if you are considering removing a swimming pool in Cabin John, Maryland.