Searching for an easy way to make your unwanted pool disappear?

Removing a swimming pool in Cabin John, Maryland is a big, complicated project – one that you should only trust to the experts. After all, you don’t want just anyone tearing up your yard, right?

We’re Remove A Pool, and for more than 25 years we’ve been helping homeowners like you with our professional, no-stress pool removal solutions. Our team of highly skilled contractors work hard to exceed your exceptions with our industry-leading techniques, quality workmanship, and 5-year satisfaction guarantee.

No matter what condition your pool is in or how difficult it is to access your backyard, you can count on us to work quickly and carefully to remove your pool and leave your yard level, clean, and ready for you to enjoy.

What’s Involved With Every Cabin John, Maryland Swimming Pool Removal Project?

There’s a lot involved with the removal of a big, heavy structure like a swimming pool. Most backyard pools hold over 20,000 gallons of water, contain tons of concrete, fiberglass, and other materials, and are connected to multiple utility lines.

Here’s what you can expect when your hire us:

  • We’ll begin by creating a detailed site plan to locate all the buried utility lines, mark out your property boundaries, and decide which demolition method is best suited to your specific pool
  • Before we start work, we’ll obtain any necessary demolition permits on your behalf
  • Our fully licensed contractors will safely disconnect any gas, electrical, and water lines from your pool heater and pump
  • We’ll use a specialized industrial siphon to remove any standing water from your pool to protect your home against flooding
  • Using a combination of hand tools, power equipment, and heavy machinery, we’ll complete the demolition work
  • We’ll sort out the recyclable materials and haul all the debris to an approved waste management site
  • We’ll then completely fill and level the hole in your yard where your pool was
  • At your request, we’ll plant fast-growing grass seed over the entire project site, making it virtually impossible to tell there was ever a pool on your property
  • We’ll leave you with detailed paperwork confirming that your pool removal was done in a way that complies with all county regulations

As you can see, we make it easy for you to finally get rid of your old pool – you’ll be amazed at how much space you’ll have to play with your dog, build a new workshop, or simply enjoy the view once your pool is gone!

To schedule your free, no-obligation swimming pool removal quote in Cabin John, contact us here at Remove A Pool today.