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Long gone are the days when a pool increased the resale value of a home. These days, many homeowners and buyers see pools as an expensive waste of water, time and electricity.

It may seem surprising but now the more affordable option, and the more profitable one if you’re selling you home, is to have your pool removed.

So, how much does is cost to remove an in-ground pool in Cape Coral, Florida?

It starts with our free estimate and professional consultation where an expert will walk you through the entire process and final cost of a removal. Included in our estimate is all necessary Cape Coral permits, all safety precautions, and every consideration necessary to ensure a clean and seamless removal of the entire pool.

A word on permits…

We take care of every part of the pool removal process, including the securing of necessary permits. And in no way will this process affect the start date or completion of your pool removal project. We will begin draining your pool of water as soon as a permit is in hand.

What is involved in a pool removal?

To empty an in-ground pool, we first drill holes throughout the pool’s concrete. When the pool is completely emptied of all existing water, we start demolition. The two methods of pool removal we offer are abandonment removal and exhumation removal.

The abandonment method is more affordable as it is a partial removal. In this case, we carefully break apart half of the pool, remove the debris and then fill up the space with a dirt and rock mixture.

The exhumation method is basically the complete removal of all pool debris and a complete filling up of the space left by the pool’s removal.

No matter which method you choose, we finish each job with a full clean up of the area and the debris created by the pool removal service. We also offer a reasonably priced grass seeding service, so we help you forget that a pool was even there in the first place. Breath freely with our cost cutting and space-making service.

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    Top 5 Reasons to Remove a Pool

    The reasons for pool removal vary, but these are some of top reasons. The most common reason is generally that the pool has reached its lifetime and is no longer in-use. Pools that sit unused have the potential to become liability concerns for several reasons, plus that space can be used for something more useful to the property owner.

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