Swimming pools are an excellent accessory for any home. However, given the average size of homes in Maryland is only 1,920 square feet, I might feel inclined to get rid of my swimming pool. While a few neighbors might throw me a baffled look, there are several reasons to justify why I would remove a pool. Add Space to My Backyard Swimming pools might take up a substantial amount of space. Residential swimming pools could range anywhere from 65 to 430 square feet, with some pools exceeding this size. Removing a pool would free up space and add [...]




It's a satisfying feeling when we finish the demolition of your pool. We are Remove A Pool, pool demolition and removal experts. We take care of all the details and do the heavy work to quickly break down and remove your backyard or community pool. Comprehensive Planning and Expert Pool Removal In Dunkirk We take care of the entire pool removal process, from pulling permits in Dunkirk to hauling debris and planting grass or leaving fresh soil to finish. You'll get your land back and remove the liability of an unused pool. Schedule a Pool Removal Now and You'll Be [...]




Why wait until problems arise before you get that old pool removed? We're Remove A Pool, experts in the process of removing a swimming pool in Leonardtown Maryland. As pool demolition and removal experts, we're one of the busiest in the area. Call us now for pool removal and you won't need to rush when you're motivated by any of these reasons: Your old pool is no longer used, and it's an eyesore and a liability You need space to build an elegant new pool You want more space in your yard for other features like a patio, [...]




Are you ready to remove your unwanted swimming pool and reclaim your property? Remove A Pool specializes in swimming pool removal. We are a licensed, insured, and professional company that demolishes residential and commercial swimming pools. We do everything from procuring the necessary permits to hauling away all the debris. Removing a swimming pool is going to be a big job but we tackle it with safety and efficiency in mind. Hurlock Swimming Pool Removal Services Remove A Pool features experienced demolition crews and all the equipment needed for removing a swimming pool in Hurlock, Maryland. When you [...]


Glenn Dale


Thinking about removing a swimming pool in Glenn Dale, Maryland? When you've decided it's time to reclaim your outdoor space and finally say goodbye to that unwanted, damaged or neglected swimming pool, we're here to help. We're Remove A Pool, your local Glenn Dale Maryland swimming pool removal experts. We have more than 50 years combined experience, and we're proud to maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. All of our friendly, professional contractors are carefully background-checked and thoroughly trained in safe, efficient pool removal, and we use only late-model professional-grade equipment. Pool Filling or Pool Removal - [...]

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Chesapeake Beach


Expert and Affordable Pool Removal in Chesapeake Beach Do you have an idle pool occupying precious space on your property? Fed up with the expenses and inconveniences associated with pool ownership? Curious about the process of pool removal in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland? When it's time to say goodbye to that damaged, unwanted pool, give us a call here at Remove A Pool. We've been in business for more than 25 years, and during that time we've helped discerning homeowners nationwide with our professional, no-stress poll removal solution. Whether you have an above-ground, in-ground or indoor pool, you can count on [...]

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Have you been thinking of removing that old swimming pool on your property? If you envision your property without the family swimming pool, then you need the services of Remove A Pool. Our team has the experience and equipment to transform your property in Gaithersrburg into a space that's attractive and functional. Reasons Our Clients Choose Swimming Pool Removal There are a host of reasons why a property owner might desire to remove a swimming pool from their property. Perhaps, you no longer use your pool. It is just sitting there unused every summer season. Just think of what you [...]




Expert and Affordable Pool Removal Services in Dayton, MD Remove A Pool is a licensed, experienced company providing comprehensive pool removal services throughout the area. If you have decided that now is the time to get rid of your unwanted or no longer functional pool, call our team first. We offer competitive pricing and exceptional workmanship for all Dayton, Ohio swimming pool removal needs. Put our contractors to work with you today. You'll appreciate all that we can do for you today. Opting for pool removal is a positive decision In many situations, the investment in a new pool is [...]




Owning a swimming pool can be great – at least when you're using it. If you no longer use your swimming pool, you know all about the kinds of problems it can cause. Effectively, you have a giant hole in your backyard – which means you have a giant hazard waiting to get its clutches into you. You also miss out on one of the best parts of having a backyard – having a lawn you can enjoy. By removing your swimming pool in Springboro, Ohio, you can eliminate costly upkeep, get your backyard back into shape, and improve your [...]


Bethel Park


Affordable Pool Removal in Bethel Park, PA It seemed like a great idea at the time didn't it? That backyard swimming pool made your home the envy of the neighborhood. It was a great place to relax during the summer months, and the neighborhood kids loved taking a dip. If you're like most homeowners though, you sometimes wonder if the pool has outlived its usefulness. You're not alone in thinking this. At Remove A Pool, we've provided professional Bethel Park, Pennsylvania swimming pool removal for lots of families! Common Reasons to Ditch a Pool There are a lot of reasons [...]

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