Are you wondering if you are the only homeowner who wants to remove your in-ground swimming pool? We at Remove A Pool can ensure you, the answer is no. Every year, thousands of pool owners decide the time is right to engage in our premium swimming pool removal services.

Reasons for Backfilling a Swimming Pool in Catonsville, Maryland

We at Remove A Pool hear a variety of reasons for backfilling a swimming pool including:

  • The costs of maintaining the swimming pool keep increasing.
  • Children have grown; the pool no longer serves as a focal point for family entertainment.
  • The pool prevents potential buyers from purchasing your home.
  • The need to reduce personal liability.
  • Save money on utility costs.
  • The pool needs complete replacing.
  • Reclaiming yard space for a new project.

Remove A Pool is a trusted resource for backfilling a swimming pool in Catonsville, Maryland. Our knowledge and experience ensure high-level results with minimal impact to your property. Beginning with a free estimate, we will go over all the details of your swimming pool. At this time, we will set a date for removal.

Prior to the removal process, our team researches your area to learn about zoning regulations and other restrictions for removing a swimming pool in Catonsville. Do not worry. We fill out the necessary paperwork to obtain the proper permits. Allowing us to do the paperwork ensures fast and efficient results.

Equipping our technicians with the industrial grade tools and machinery, we arrive on the predetermined date to begin the pool removal process. We offer two choices for removing a swimming pool in Catonsville, Maryland.

  • Abandonment: Often the faster choice, our team only removes the top section of the pool. We break down the walls and punch holes in the bottom surface for drainage. Our team will leave a large portion of the pool’s structure in the ground for burial.
  • Full Removal: Our team removes your entire swimming pool from your property.

Engaging in recycling efforts, backfilling team properly disposes of the remaining debris. We finalize the process by filling in the empty cavities with rocks, gravel, and topsoil. Smoothing the area, you are ready to start your next outdoor living project.

Do you still have questions about getting rid of your pool? Please contact us at Remove A Pool today. We are more than happy to discuss your swimming pool removal needs.