Are you a new or current homeowner looking to transform your property into your dream landscape? Is your major obstacle an old, outdated swimming pool? Do not worry. We at Remove A Pool offers comprehensive and dependable Chevy Chase, Maryland swimming pool removal service. Helping you make your dream landscape a reality, we provide high-level results every time.

Reasons for Removing a Swimming Pool in Chevy Chase, Maryland

Along with implementing a new landscaping theme, Remove A Pool has heard numerous reasons for removing a swimming pool.

  • Placing your home on the market.
  • Needing costly repairs or complete replacing, the pool is severely damaged.
  • Children are no longer living at home. The pool sits for longer periods of time without use.
  • Want to reduce liabilities and risks.
  • Monthly pool expenses keep increasing.

Regardless of your reason, our experienced team works to meet and exceed your expectations for high-quality pool removal.

The Premier Chevy Chase Swimming Pool Removal Service

Remove A Pool begins by offering you a free estimate of our services. At this time, our experts will discuss your exact  swimming pool demolition needs. Estimating a price, we will provide you with a complete plan of action. Once you accept our budget-friendly estimate, we set a date to begin our services.

Providing a hassle-free pool removal experience, our Remove A Pool specialists research local ordinances and acquire any necessary permits. Upon arrival to your home, our team assesses the area. Safety and protecting your property is always our highest priority. If necessary, our pool removal experts will disconnect any remaining utilities and empty the water from the pool.

Remove A Pool provides you with two options for removing a swimming pool in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Starting the process for each option the same, our team breaks the concrete down into smaller pieces.

  • Abandonment: Removing only the top portion of the swimming pool, our specialists leave the rest of the pool in the ground.
  • Exhumation: Our team removes the entire swimming pool from your property.

Each process yields high-end results. Abandonment tends to be the less costly option with a quicker rate of turn around. Exhumation provides the homeowner with peace of mind by eliminating any future pool related building restrictions of the property.

Cleanup is our final process for removing a swimming pool in Chevy Chase. Pool removal creates a lot of debris. Using rocks, gravel, and topsoil, our team fills in any remaining open spaces. We engage in proper disposal methods of the remaining debris. If possible, we attempt to recycle any usable materials. We are proud of our efforts to help the environment.

If you are ready to start your next project by using our pool removal service, please contact us at Remove A Pool today.