Do you have an old, unwanted swimming pool taking up valuable space in your yard? Would you like to enjoy freedom from all the expenses that come with owning a private pool? Worried that your neglected pool might start leaking thousands of gallons of water around the foundation of your home?

When it’s time to reclaim your backyard and enjoy freedom from your pool, start by calling us here at Remove A Pool. We’re the Clarksville, Maryland swimming pool removal that discerning homeowners, Realtors, renovators, and real estate investors count on to deliver exceptional results on every single job.

We have the skills, experience, and equipment needed to safely disconnect and demolish any pool, including poured concrete pools, molded fiberglass pools, vinyl pools, and even custom-made pools constructed of natural stone.

All-Inclusive Pool Demolition and Disposal

We’ve been in the pool demolition business for over 25 years, and during that time we’ve developed the most efficient, environmentally-friendly pool demolition methods in the industry.

Our services include everything it takes to complete your pool removal project on time, and on budget. Here’s what you can expect when you contact us about removing a swimming pool in Clarksville:

  • We’ll schedule a free, no-obligation quote to review your project, explain our process, and answer any questions you might have about us or our services
  • We’ll provide you with a written estimate for removing your pool that includes all the permits, skilled labor, equipment, disposal fees, clean fill, and inspections needed to transform your backyard
  • If you’re happy with us and our estimate, we’ll book your pool removal at a time that works for you

Before we begin any work on your property, we’ll obtain any necessary demolition permits so you won’t have to worry about stop-work orders, complaints from the neighbors, or liability concerns if you should choose to sell your house after you’ve had your pool removed.

We’ll also make sure to contact your utility providers to locate any buried lines that could be near your pool, and we’ll safely disconnect and cap off any connections to your pool heater, pump, and filtration system. Once we’ve carefully siphoned all the standing water out to prevent flooding, we’ll dismantle the structure and haul all the debris away to an approved waste management facility for recycling.

Before we finish the job, we’ll completely fill in the void where your pool once was using a special mix of topsoil, clean sand, and gravel which is designed to create a stable, well-drained surface in your yard. At your request, we’ll even plant fresh grass seed over the job site, leaving you with a clean, level lawn to enjoy.

Your Local Clarksville, Maryland Swimming Pool Removal Experts

To book your free, no-obligation quote with our swimming pool removal specialists in Clarksville contact us here at Remove A Pool today, and get ready to reclaim your backyard!