Remove A Pool provides high-quality swimming pool demolition and removal services. Our highly skilled experts will demo and remove your swimming pool with extreme efficiency. Knowing the importance of your home and property, our training and experience allow us to remove a pool with minimal impact on the surrounding environment. We take pride in our state of the art techniques for removing a swimming pool in Clermont County, Ohio.

We at Remove A Pool hear all types of reasons for removing a swimming pool in Clermont County, Ohio. Some of the main reasons include:

  • No Longer Used: The pool may no longer be a focal point for your enjoyment. Cooler weather, grown children or other interests may leave your pool idle during the warm months.
  • Too Costly: Repairs, maintenance, utility bills, and cleaning add up quickly.
  • New Project: New landscape theme, outdoor entertainment area or expanding your home requires the removal of the pool.
  • Reduce Potential Hazards: As a parent, grandparent or pet owner, you want to create a safe outdoor environment.
  • Selling Your Home: A swimming pool may not be an attractive feature when selling your home. Removing a swimming pool in Clermont County, Ohio may attract more potential buyers.
  • Upgrade: Installing a more modern model due to the fact your old swimming pool just does not compliment your outdoor living theme.

Regardless of your reason, our swimming pool removal experts can handle the job. Working with all shapes, sizes, and conditions of swimming pool, our Remove A Pool specialists will provide you with prompt, friendly professional service.

Our Premium Clermont County, Ohio Swimming Pool Removal Services

Handling all the details, Remove A Pool wants to provide you with a stress-free demolition and pool removal process. Starting with a free estimate, our experienced crew will carefully go over all the details for your swimming pool removal needs. After you accept our budget-friendly estimate, we go to work for you.

Prior to arrival, Remove A Pool obtains the necessary permits to complete the demolition and removal process. If needed, we will drain your swimming pool and unhook any necessary utilities. Creating a safe environment for efficient pool removal is always our top priority.

Offering two types of pool removal options, partial or complete, we are ready to remove the pool according to your choice. Wanting to meet and exceed your expectations, we equip our highly trained team with industrial grade tools and machinery. Upon removing a swimming pool we fill in the open space with gravel and topsoil. We also offer various prep and grading options to meet your needs.

Our Environmental Efforts

Pool demolition is messy. Remove A Pool takes every precaution to protect the surrounding environment. During the disposal process, our team engages in recycling efforts to keep usable materials out of local landfills.

If you would like further information on any of our swimming pool removal options in Clermont County, please contact us. Remove A Pool is ready to help.