Are you currently searching for a professional Columbia swimming pool back filling company? We at Remove A Pool are fully qualified to meet your needs. We use the latest equipment and proven techniques to ensure a fast, safe pool removal process. Exceed your expectations for highly-rated customer service is our optimal goal.

Why Remove Your Swimming Pool?

Your swimming pool was once a luxury item for you and your family to enjoy. Over time, the pool may not still have the same appeal. People decide every day to engage in high-quality swimming pool removal. Some of the reasons for back filling a swimming pool in Columbia, Maryland may include:

  • The need to eliminate potential hazards and liabilities
  • Pool need complete replacing
  • The Maryland weather never seems right for extensive pool use
  • Eliminate monthly pool related cleaning and maintenance expense
  • Children no longer live at home
  • Want to add a child’s play area or outdoor entertainment to your property.

Our High-Quality Process for Removing a Swimming Pool in Columbia, Maryland

Removing a swimming pool is a complicated process. Our experts at Remove A Pool are highly trained professional. Paying attention to the smallest details, we understand the complete process of pool demolition and removal.

Free Estimate: Our commitment to highly rated customer service begins with a free estimate. We go over all the details to ensure the best approach for your Columbia swimming pool removal.

Permits: Allowing you a stress-free experience, we obtain all the necessary permits.

Removal Process: Remove A Pool has two approaches exhumation or abandonment for filling a swimming pool in Columbia, Maryland. Checking for remaining utility connections and draining the swimming pool, we begin either process by ensuring the area is safe.

  • Exhumation: Our experts to remove your entire pool from the property.
  • Abandonment: Leaving a large portion of the pool in the ground, our team removes only the upper part.

After completing either of the processes, we fill in the open areas with gravel and topsoil.

Cleanup: Following all disposal guidelines, our Remove A Pool experts clean away the remaining debris. If possible, we recycle any usable materials such as concrete, brick or metal.

If you would like to learn more about our process for back filling a swimming pool in Columbia, Maryland, please contact us at Remove A Pool today.