Dallas Texas Pool Demolition: How to Remove an Old Pool

Have you been wondering how to go about removing an old pool from your property but don’t know where to begin? Begin by contacting the demolition professionals of Remove A Pool. From there, you’ll enjoy a FREE estimate, find out your options, ask questions, address any concerns you may have, and set-up a date so we can get started.

Removing a pool in Dallas Texas is stress-free when you leave this task to our team of demolition experts. Demolition is performed safely from beginning to end and you can expect to be treated exceptionally well.

The Price is Right for a FREE Estimate

Who doesn’t enjoy anything free in life? With a complementary estimate, which is easy to request, you’ll find out just how much it will cost to get started. And don’t let the cost hold you back from removing a pool in Dallas Texas. We offer two solutions to pool removal and one of those solutions is a cost-effective option.

Abandonment Demolition vs Exhumation Demolition

At Remove A Pool, we specialize in the removal of pools using the exhumation demolition method and the abandonment demolition method. The method in which we remove your old pool is all up to you. Differences between the two involve cost and techniques.

Because an abandonment removal leaves part of the pool “abandoned” per se it is the less pricey of the two and the demolition technique is different. Once part of the pool has been demolished and removed, the lower half will receive professional holes punched into it.

The holes help it to drain later once the area has been filled in. Both techniques involve filling in this area using the same combination of materials – dirt and rocks. The objective of Remove A Pool’s when filling in this area is to avoid “settling” of the ground.

We Go Green and Fresh Green

Following demolition, debris gets cleaned up and removed from the property. Where does it go? It gets taken to a recycling facility where it is to be recycled. Wondering what to do with the area once it’s filled in? Thinking about fresh grass but don’t have time to get it started?

Because we know you’re busy, Remove A Pool offers an optional, additional service for fresh grass. We’ll plant grass seed in this area, but please note that there is a separate charge. This service is available upon request.

To find out more about removing a pool in Dallas Texas with our team of experts or to request an estimate, contact us today!