Remove A Pool delivers the professional, no-stress pool removal solution you can count on when it’s time to say goodbye to your unwanted above-ground, in-ground, or indoor pool. We’re the experts when it comes to Damascus, Maryland swimming pool removal, disposal, and backyard restoration services.

We’ve been in the pool removal business for over 25 years, and during that time we’ve developed the safest, most efficient pool demolition methods in the business. Our team of highly skilled and licensed contractors have experience in all aspects of pool removal, making it easy for you to arrange to have your pool taken out, hauled away, and your yard cleaned up – all with one easy phone call to us here at Remove A Pool.

Thinking Of Removing A Swimming Pool in Damasucs, Maryland?

Tearing out a big, heavy structure like a swimming pool involves a lot of planning, specialized equipment, and an unwavering attention to detail – after all, dismantling a structure that holds thousands of gallons of water, is built with tons of concrete, fiberglass, and metal, and is connected to high-power electrical lines isn’t your typical do-it-yourself project.

If you’re like most homeowners we help, chances are good you’ve never needed to hire a swimming pool removal contractor before now, and you might not know a lot about the pool removal process.

To help you understand exactly what we do, what your options are when it comes to removing a pool, and how much the entire job will cost we offer complimentary, no-obligation estimates. When you call us about removing your pool, we’ll schedule an on-site project evaluation to assess the condition and location of your pool, learn about your future plans for your property, and answer any questions you have about us and our services.

All-Inclusive Pool Demolition in Damascus

We’re committed to delivering the most comprehensive pool removal services in the industry – that’s why we take care of all the demolition permits, inspections, utility disconnections, and documentation needed when removing a swimming pool in Damascus, Maryland.

We also haul away all the debris and fill in the space where your pool was with clean, stable fill that’s designed to resist sinkholes while keeping your yard well-drained. In fact, we’ll even plant fresh grass seed over the project site for you on request, leaving your yard safe, tidy, and ready for you to enjoy!

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To speak with our friendly, knowledgeable pool removal experts about removing your unwanted pool, call us here at Remove A Pool today. Remember, we’re your local, licensed swimming pool removal experts in Damascus.