Is your swimming pool an eyesore to your landscape? Let us at Remove A Pool help. Our demolition experts provide comprehensive and reliable removal services. Fully insured and experienced, we provide prompt, friendly service for backfilling a swimming pool in Dover, Delaware in a safe, efficient manner.

Common Reasons for Backfilling a Swimming Pool in Dover

In the past homeowners provide different reasons for backfilling a swimming pool in Dover including:

  • The pool needs major renovations or replacement.
  • No one uses the pool on a regular basis.
  • The pool’s monthly maintenance expense keeps increasing.
  • The pool is a hazard for your young children or pets.

We at Remove A Pool begin our Dover swimming pool removal process with a free estimate. We assess your pool removal needs to develop a highly-efficient plan of action. As soon as you accept our affordable estimate, we go to work for you. We even fill out all of the required forms to obtain the necessary permits. We want your experience with us to be hassle-free.

Arriving on a pre-set date, our experts begin the process for removing a swimming pool in Dover. We check for remaining utility connection. If required, we drain the pool.

Next, our fully insured and highly skilled team begins the process of removing your swimming pool. Remove A Pool offers two highly efficient swimming pool removal options.

  • Abandonment: Providing a faster rate turnaround rate, we break down the pool’s walls, punch holes in the bottom for drainage, and leave a majority of the pool behind.
  • Exhumation: We remove every part of your swimming pool from your property.

We finish our Dover swimming pool removal process by filling in any remaining holes with gravel and topsoil. Our demolition experts clear away the debris. Engaging in proper disposal techniques, we attempt to recycle any usable materials.

Are you ready for your free estimate? Do you need more information about our high-quality Dover swimming pool removal process? Please contact us at Remove A Pool today. We are here to answer all of your questions for backfillin a swimming pool.