Do you have an unwanted pool on your property? Are you tired of all the hassles that come with pool ownership? Is it time to finally reclaim your outdoor space and call a swimming pool removal & backfill company?

When you’re searching for a simple, worry-free way to deal with your old swimming pool, we’re here to help. We’re Remove A Pool, and for over 25 years we’ve been providing trusted pool removal solutions to discerning homeowners across America. No matter how old your pool is, what condition it’s currently in, or how difficult accessing your yard might be, we’re up to the challenge.

We offer both partial pool removal (known as pool filling) and complete pool extraction, making it easy for you to choose the pool removal service that best fits your needs and budget.

Signs It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Your Backyard Pool

Here at Remove A Pool, we know it can be difficult to know when it’s time to have your pool extracted or filled in, especially if you’ve owned your pool for years, your kids have grown up enjoying time in your pool, or you’re not sure what you’d like to do with your yard once your pool is gone.

Some of the most common reasons why homeowners call us about removing a swimming pool in Eldersburg, Maryland are:

  • They’re spending more time maintaining their pool than they are actually swimming in it
  • They’ve been told their pool needs major repairs that will be costly
  • They’ve developed health problems that prevent them from enjoying their pool
  • They’re tired of the neighbors constantly wanting to swim in their pool
  • They’re worried about the liability issues that come with pool ownership
  • They’d like to save money on their home insurance and utility bills
  • They want to expand their yard, build an addition onto their house, or plant a garden where their pool sits right now
  • They plan on replacing their aging swimming pool with a new, modern model

Sound familiar? If so, give us a call here at Remove A Pool to schedule your free, no-obligation quote. Our Eldersburg swimming pool removal experts will inspect your property, explain our services, and help you choose between our pool filling and complete pool extraction services.

We’ll then leave you with a clear, easy-to-understand estimate that covers all the insurance, permits, skilled labor, and materials it takes to completely transform your backyard. We’ll even plant fresh grass seed at your request because after all, we’re your swimming pool removal company that delivers the professional, no-stress pool removal solution!