Is your backyard your ideal place to enjoy the outdoors? Or is your old swimming pool keeping you from your dream outdoor oasis? Remove A Pool offers complete customer satisfaction. Providing top notch swimming pool removal services in Falls Church, we ready to help you transform your outdoor living space.

Benefits of Having Your Pool Removed In Falls Church

Along with reclaiming your backyard space for your next project, removing a swimming pool in Falls Church, Virginia provides many benefits.

  • Saves money by eliminating cleaning, repairs, and maintenance expenses
  • Eliminates hazardous conditions and increases safety for young children and pets
  • Increases your home’s resale potential
  • Decreases your utility bill by reducing the amount of water and electricity use

Our Process for Removing a Swimming Pool in Falls Church, Virginia

From initial contact to final cleanup, Remove A Pool wants your pool removal experience to be stress-free.

Our Free Estimate

We begin by offering a free quote for our highly reputable Falls Church, Virginia swimming pool removal process. By offering a free estimate of our affordable services, we are able to determine the best way to demolish your swimming pool with efficiency to meet your needs.

Rules and Permits

After you accept our budget-friendly estimate, our Remove A Pool specialists research the rules for removing a swimming pool in Falls Church, Virginia. Allowing us to research, we obtain the needed permits. Getting the necessary paperwork in order enable us to start the pool removal process on the predetermined date, saving you time and money.

Demolition Process

Following all the stipulations and safety protocols for removing a swimming pool in Falls Church, Virginia, we begin the demolition process. Remove A Pool provides two effective choices, partial or full swimming pool removal.

  • Partial: Drilling holes in the bottom of the pool, we only remove the upper portion of the swimming pool. Leaving the rest of the pool behind. the partial removal process is generally the less costly option.
  • Full: Eliminating any pool related building restrictions; our team removes your entire swimming pool from your property.

Cleaning Up

Removing a swimming pool leaves behind a lot of debris. Clearing away the debris to meet the homeowner’s expectations, we fill any remaining open areas with rocks, gravel, and topsoil. Sorting out any usable materials, we engage in recycling practices. Finally, we discard in remaining debris properly in accordance with federal, state, and local guidelines.

If you need more information about our Falls Church, Virginia swimming pool removal service, please contact us at Remove A Pool today. We are here to serve you.