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Perhaps it is time you consider removing the swimming pool in your compound. Since the removal process is sensitive, it requires expert handling. At Remove A Pool we have the skills and equipment for safe swimming pool removal in Fate, Texas. We have the resources to demolition in-ground and above ground pools. The following are methods used in the process of our services.

Partial pool removal

This method of removing a swimming pool is fast and affordable. Once the pool is drained and holes made in the bottom, the top is then demolished and the rubble place in the pool. The soil is then added on top of the rubble and compacted. We follow the regulations of the local authorities when performing this exercise. In some jurisdictions, the process must be supervised by an engineer.

Remove A Pool recommends this method for people with a limited budget. However, if you need to sell the home later, you need to disclose about the filled pool to the buyers, which may reduce the value of the property.

Full removal with engineer’s supervision

Removing a swimming pool using this method involves draining the water and then hauling the materials away from the site. The hollowed area is then filled with soil and compacted under the watch of an engineer who tests the density of the ground. The engineer then prepares a report on whether buildings can be erected on the area.

Pool demolition using this method is the best because it maintains the value of the home. Remove A Pool has appropriate equipment and skills for any pool removal work. Although some jurisdictions allow buildings on such sites, others prohibit it. The option is more expensive than the partial removal, and it takes longer to complete.

For the most efficient pool removal in Fate, you need to consider Remove A Pool which has the required equipment and personnel to deliver the expected service. We understand the regulations of the local authorities and follow them in every process of our work.

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