Searching for a high-quality swimming pool removal service? Look no further, Remove A Pool offers a wide variety of services to meet your exact pool removal needs. Acting in a professional manner, our employees are highly trained, certified and courteous. Our commitment to complete customer satisfaction shows we value you as our clients.

Common Reasons for Removing a Swimming Pool

Each homeowner has unique reasons for removing a swimming pool. Some of the common reasons to hire our Remove A Pool experts for all of your pool removal needs.

  • The pool was already on the property when you bought the home.
  • You want to eliminate the potential hazards due to your small children or pets.
  • The swimming pool requires costly repairs.
  • The monthly maintenance fees outweigh use.
  • You want to redo your backyard to match your current needs.
  • You want to sell your home. The pool is an undesirable factor.

Regardless of your reason, Remove A Pool is ready to service your property.

Our Process for Removing a Swimming Pool 

Providing you with a stress-free swimming removal process is Remove A Pool’s optimal goal. We begin by offering you a free estimate and consultation for our high-quality pool removal options. Providing you the proper pool removal process, our experts will either engage in complete or partial pool removal services to meet your needs.

Upon accepting our affordable estimate, our Remove A Pool specialists do all the necessary paperwork including acquiring permits. Following local ordinance requirements, our team engages in safe, proven techniques to demolish and remove your pool. After the removal process is complete, we fill in the open space with gravel and topsoil to restore your property.

Proper Disposal Techniques

During the swimming pool removal process, our team always provides in proper disposal techniques. When possible, Remove A Pool recycles any usable materials. The process allows us to pass our savings on to our valued customers. At the same time, we do our part for preserving the environment.

Need further information on our swimming pool removal services? Please contact us today. Remove A Pool is here to answer all your questions.