Are you trying to create a backyard living space to meet your family’s current needs? Is your old, outdated swimming pool not part of the plan? Contact our expert team at Remove A Pool today. Our highly trained professionals provide highly-efficient Fort Worth swimming pool removal services.

We at Remove A Pool hear a variety of reasons for removing a swimming pool in Fort Worthincluding:

  • Creating a backyard entertainment area for your entire family to enjoy.
  • Needing extensive repairs, the swimming pool is not usable anymore.
  • Monthly pool-related expenses for cleaning and routine maintenance keeps increasing.
  • Replacing your old pool with a newer energy efficient model to help save on utility consumption.
  • Selling your home, your realtor does not consider your swimming pool an asset for attracting prospective buyers.
  • A need to reduce hazards to protect younger children or pets.

Regardless of your reason for filling a swimming pool we provide high-end results with minimal impact to your property.

Our High-Quality Fort Worth Swimming Pool Backfilling Process

We at Remove A Pool know each project has different aspects to consider. Allowing us to go over all the specific details, our expert team starts with a free estimate. Assessing your needs, we develop a plan of action, acquire permits and set a specific date for removal. We strive to provide you with a hassle-free experience.

Our Remove A Pool team arrives on the preset date to start the pool demolition process. Prior to starting, we do a safety check of the area. If needed, we shut off the utilities and drain the water from the pool. Protecting your property, we follow all safety regulations.

We offer two high-quality choices to fit your needs.

  • Abandonment: Providing a faster turnaround rate, abandonment requires our team to leave a major portion of the pool behind. We remove the upper concrete walls and drill numerous holes in the bottom of the pool for drainage.
  • Exhumation: Our team demolishes and removes every piece of your pool from your backyard.

Our experts finalize the process by clearing away all the debris. We fill and pack any large open areas with gravel and topsoil. We leave you with a clear, smooth area for your next project.

If you are ready for your free estimate or need more information about backfilling a swimming pool in Fort Worth, Texas, please contact us at Remove A Pool today.