Removing a pool in Franconia, Virginia starts with working with the right company. Remove A Pool is the experienced, trusted professional company you need. We’ve provided demolition servings in the area for years and we’re dedicated to ensuring you have the best possible outcome. Give our team a call today to schedule an estimate for pool removal in Franconia. Let’s get to work getting rid of that unwanted pool.

Ready to Remove Your Pool?

Getting rid of a pool offers a number of opportunities. Property owners may see their liability costs drop. It can help you avoid all of those costs for maintaining, repairing, and upgrading your pool. Even more importantly, removing your pool gives you back your backyard. What can you put in its place? Our Franconia, Virginia pool demolition team can help you no matter what your goals are.

We offer two types of pool removal services:

Full Pool Removal: In this situation, we’ll demolish and remove all of the pull structure. Our goal is to break it up and remove the entire structure. We’ll fill in the opening with gravel and dirt afterwards.

Partial Pool Removal: In this method, our goal is to remove the upper portion of the concrete walls of the swimming pool. This method allows us to remove the concrete but leave the base foundation in place. Partial pool removal is significantly less expensive but still involves creating a level surface for you to use in any way you would like to.

Choose Trusted Franconia, Virginia Pool Demolition Contractors

Removing a pool in Franconia, Virginia is a rather complex process. It’s important that the contractors you hire have the experience to get the job done properly. With our years’ of experience, you can trust our contractors at Remove A Pool to ensure your project goes well. We’re dedicated to providing you with outstanding service at a competitive price.

How to Remove a Pool

Remove A Pool follows all safety requirements to ensure the best possible end result. The steps include:

  • Remove A Pool will ensure all permits and stipulations required for the Franconia area are met before we begin the demolition project.
  • We’ll discuss the options available to you in full and partial pool removal.
  • We’ll drain the swimming pool by cracking the bottom of it. This is the easiest method to allow the water to escape.
  • We then work on the structure.
  • We fill in the open space with gravel and concrete.

Removing a pool in Franconia, Virginia is much easier to do when you trust the team at Remove A Pool with the project.