Removing a swimming pool in Georgia? Remove A Pool provides reliable, efficient Georgia swimming pool removal service to meet your exact needs. Our experts have the capability and experience to handle every shape and size swimming pool removal job.

Why Hire Our Georgia Swimming Pool Removal Team?

Many homeowners take pleasure in do-it-yourself projects. Remove A Pool understands the sense of accomplishment after completing a job to meet your personal goals. However, removing a swimming pool in Georgia can be a large, messy and unsafe project to engage. Consider all the different reasons for engaging professionals.

Safety Protocols

Beginning each job with research, Remove A Pool learns about all of the local rules and regulations for removing a swimming pool in Georgia. If needed, we acquire the necessary permits. During each step of the pool removal job, our experts follow all safety protocols.

  • We check the electricity connection.
  • We shut off and cap the gas line if needed.
  • We strive to minimize our impact.
  • Drain pool in the correct manner, if required.

Complete Customer Satisfaction

Along with following all safety protocols, Remove A Pool strives for complete customer satisfaction. Fully aware of the importance of your property, our Georgia swimming pool removal team uses industrial grade equipment, tools, and high-quality techniques to complete the job. Meeting and exceeding your expectations is our main goal.

Pool Removal Process

Breaking your swimming pool down into smaller easier to handle pieces allows us to efficiently complete the work. Our techniques will save you time and money. Remove A Pool offers two options for removing a swimming pool in Georgia.

  • Full Pool Removal: Our Remove A Pool team effectively removes all components of your swimming pool from your property. The full pool removal option eliminates the possibility of building restrictions down the road.
  • Partial Pool Removal: Breaking down the pool, our Georgia swimming pool removal experts remove only the top portion of the structure. Burying the remaining part of the pool, the option is generally less costly.

Final Touches

Using our state of the art equipment, our Georgia swimming pool removal experts carefully fill the open space. Firmly packing the open cavity from your swimming pool, we use gravel and top soil. If needed, we can prep and grade the area for your next building project.

Preserving the Environment

Remove A Pool is an active partner in preserving the environment. Our experts will remove any usable materials for recycling. Keeping usable materials out of the local landfills, we are doing our part to be an environmentally friendly company.

If you would like more information on removing a swimming pool in Georgia, please contact us today. Remove A Pool offers free estimates and consultation to meet your pool removal needs.