Has your swimming pool become damaged beyond reasonable repair? Is it not worth the constant maintenance costs anymore? Remove A Pool is ready to help solve your swimming pool problems. We are the top choice for swimming pool back filling in Glen Burnie.

Why You Should Consider Professional Swimming Pool Back Filling

There are many good reasons to consider having your old swimming pool removed, and for a major demolition job like this you need experienced professionals.

  • Selling Your Home: You will attract a broader range of prospective home buyers if you have your swimming pool removed.
  • Getting a New Swimming Pool: Before you can begin construction on your new pool, you will first have to have the old one properly removed.
  • Raising the Value of Your Property: Opting for swimming pool removal in Glen Burnie, Maryland will increase the value of your property and its curb appeal.
  • Removing a Safety Risk: An unused swimming pool is a tremendous safety hazard. Protect your family from injury and possible liability claims by having it removed.
  • Saving Money: Pools are expensive to maintain, especially if they aren’t being used. We can remove that expense forever.
  • Making Room for a Change: If you would rather use the space for a new interest, we can clear the way.

You Have Options

Partial Pool Removal

In this method, the concrete is removed, and the rest of the area is packed with soil and gravel. This is a very budget-friendly process.

Full Pool Removal

Instead of just removing the uppermost few feet of concrete, the whole structure is demolished and removed.

What Happens When You Contact Remove A Pool

Free Estimate: We will assess your swimming pool and property and give you a free estimate. You will then choose the process that is right for your budget and needs.

Permits: We will obtain any permits needed for your removal process.

Demolition: Our expert demolition contractors will take all safety precautions needed to keep your job site free from injury and property damage.

Debris Removal: We will haul away all debris from your pool removal and recycle all materials possible.

Filling and Planting Grass: We will fill the empty space with dirt and gravel and plant fresh grass, if you wish.

Contact Remove A Pool in Glen Burnie, Maryland today for your free estimate.