Creating an outdoor living space is a perfect addition to your home. If your swimming pool is no longer part of your landscaping theme, we at Remove A Pool are ready to help. Offering reliable and comprehensive Glen Burnie, Maryland swimming pool removal service, we guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

Removing a swimming pool in Glen Burnie reduces liabilities, increases yard space, eliminates costly repairs, and maintenance fees. Remove A Pool understands every client is different. We approach each pool removal job with the highest level of professionalism.

1. Free Estimate

Remove A Pool offers free, no-obligation estimates. Simply call us or fill out our “contact us” form on our website. At this time, our specialists carefully listen to your wants for your backyard. We want to develop the best course of action at an affordable price.

2. Ordinances and Permits

Upon acceptance of our estimate, our Remove A Pool team immediately goes to work for you. We research all local ordinances and acquire the necessary permits for removing a swimming pool in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

3. Preparing the Pool Removal Area

After all the paperwork is in place, we prepare the area for pool removal. After disconnecting any remaining utilities, we drain the pool. Following all safety protocols helps us protect your property. During the swimming pool removal process, we strive to provide a minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

4. Demolition and Pool Removal Process

Remove A Pool offers two high-quality procedures for removing a swimming pool in Glen Burnie, Maryland. The choice is completely up to you. We begin each process by breaking the pool down into smaller easier to handle pieces.

  • Partial Pool Removal: Removing the concrete, our team abandons the rest of the pool’s structure. The process is generally less costly with a faster turnaround rate.
  • Complete Pool Removal: Our team fully demolishes your pool’s structure. Next, we remove all pieces of your swimming pool from your property. Removing the entire swimming pool ensures you will not receive any pool related building restrictions on future projects.

After each pool removal process, we fill in the empty cavity with rocks, gravel, and topsoil. Packing the area securely allows you to start your new landscaping project without worry.

5. Cleaning Up

The demolition process creates a large amount of debris. Following all regulations, we participate in proper disposal practices. If possible, at this time, we recycle any usable materials. Doing our part for the environment, our efforts help save us money. We gladly pass our savings on to our valuable clients.

If you are ready for your free swimming pool removal estimate or need more information, please contact us at Remove A Pool today.