In the past, owning an in-ground swimming pool was a popular part of homeownership. The decline of use, expense, and costly repairs has led many homeowners to rethink their swimming pool needs. Many homeowners decide to take the next to engage in Groesbeck, Ohio swimming pool removal services. If you are ready to remove your swimming pool, we at Remove A Pool are here to help.

Remove A Pool offers high-quality Groesbeck, Ohio swimming pool removal services. Striving for customer satisfaction, our commitment begins with your first contact with us. Offering a free estimate, we go over all of your pool removal requirements. Upon acceptance, our team immediately begins our trademark prompt, professional services for removing a swimming pool in Groesbeck, Ohio.

Pre-Swimming Pool Removal

We begin our swimming pool removal process by filling out all the paperwork for the necessary permits. Allowing us to handle the details saves you time and money. At this time, we also learn all the local ordinances and guidelines for pool removal.

Site Preparation

Our specialists arrive at your home at the predetermined time to begin working. Safety is always a priority during the swimming pool removal process. Assessing the area around your pool, we shut off and cap any remaining utility hookups. If needed, we will drain your swimming pool.

Demolition Process

Using industrial grade equipment, our Remove A Pool experts begin the process to remove your swimming pool. We offer complete and partial pool removal.

  • Complete Removal: Our experienced team removes all components of your swimming pool from your property. Free from building restrictions, the complete or exhumation process ensures a clear, clean area.
  • Partial Removal: The partial or abandonment process requires our team to break down the pool’s structure below the surface. Then, our crew buries the rest of the pool.

Regardless of the option, our crew fills the open cavity with gravel and topsoil. Using our comprehensive experience and knowledge, Remove A Pool ensures optimal results. Recycling when possible, we dispose of all materials in a proper manner.

If you need more information on swimming pool removal services in Groesbeck, please contact us today.