An unwanted swimming pool can greatly detract from the appearance and functionality of your setting. Remove A Pool specializes in prompt swimming pool removal with the utmost safety. Our service is efficient and reasonably priced. We make it easy for you to reclaim your space. For removing a swimming pool in Hanover County Virginia, Remove A Pool is the premier service in the region.

Removing a swimming pool is as easy as calling Remove A Pool, a full service pool removal company that specializes in complete and partial pool removals. Our crews are experienced and licensed to operate our equipment. We bring along the earth-moving machinery and demolition gear to efficiently remove your pool. We do everything from start to finish. We will fill in the cavity left behind by your old swimming pool and even put down grass seed before we complete our work.

Why Remove Your Swimming Pool?

Our Hanover County customers have many reasons for choosing to remove a swimming pool. We offer services to both residential and commercial customers. Some of the reasons they have for contacting our service include:

The Pool Isn’t Functioning

If you have a non-functioning swimming pool, you might wish to get rid of it instead of having it repaired or even replaced. If you decide to have your swimming pool removed, we can tackle any size pool removal. Pool repairs can be incredibly pricey, so if you choose not to invest in your pool’s repair or new parts, just call Remove A Pool.

Expensive Upkeep

Keeping up with your pool’s maintenance and supplies can be a huge expense. Many of our Hanover County customers find that continuing to maintain their pool is simply too costly compared to the amount of time they actually use this feature. Our commercial customers may find that their insurance costs are simply too high to contend with. Removing a swimming pool in Hanover County is an affordable one-time investment that will help you reclaim your backyard space.

Property for Sale

Many of our customers choose to remove their swimming pool before placing their property on the market. An aged pool or one that isn’t working is a definite liability when it comes to a sale. We can have your pool removed in a flash so that you can get your home and yard ready for real estate showings.

Simply Unwanted

Swimming pool removal is sometimes necessary for property owners who no longer use the pool. Sometimes families simply outgrow their pool’s use as children grow up and move. If your household no longer intends to use your pool, contact Remove A Pool to discuss its removal.

For removing a swimming pool in Hanover County, contact Remove A Pool to learn about our affordable rates. We can eliminate your pool so you can install a new patio or garden. We can also talk to you about the pool demolition process that involves either a complete or partial excavation. We can help you decide what’s best for you.

If you live in or around Hanover County, VA, be sure to contact Remove A Pool today to learn more.

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    Top 5 Reasons to Remove a Pool

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