How often do you use your backyard swimming pool? Do you spend more time cleaning and maintaining your pool than you do actually swimming in it? Would you like to replace your unwanted pool with a nice new garage, a spacious deck, or a lush green lawn?

Here at Remove A Pool, we specialize in helping homeowners like you enjoy freedom from their old, neglected, or damaged swimming pools. We’re the experts when it comes to both filling and removing swimming pools in Hockessin, Delaware, and our services include everything from soil testing to site remediation, making your pool removal project simple and stress-free.

Signs It’s Time To Tear Out Your Old Pool

If any of these things sound familiar to you, it’s time to call us for your free, no-obligation estimate:

  • You’re tired of spending your spare time dealing with pool chemicals, cleaning out the filters, and checking your pool for leaks and damage
  • Your children have grown up and moved out of your family home, leaving your pool largely unused
  • You or your spouse now has health problems that make using your pool difficult
  • You’d like to use the area where your pool is right now to expand your lawn, install a new garage, or create a large play area for your kids or pets
  • You’ve purchased a home that included a pool you really never wanted
  • You plan on selling your home soon, and your real estate agent has recommended having your pool removed before putting your property on the market

Free, No-Obligation Hockessin Swimming Pool Filling Estimates

Here at Remove A Pool, we believe you should know exactly what to expect before choosing a contractor to either fill in or completely remove your swimming pool – that’s why we offer free, no-obligation project estimates.

Simply call our Hockessin swimming pool removal experts or complete our online contact form to schedule your estimate today. We’ll inspect your pool, explain the differences between our swimming pool filling and complete pool removal services, and answer all of your questions about us and pool removal.

We’ll then leave you with a clear, easy-to-understand quote that covers everything it takes to transform your backyard along with our industry-leading 5-year satisfaction guarantee.