Do you have an outdated, unused swimming pool taking up valuable space on your property? Want to be free of all the hard work and hassles that go along with owning a private pool? Ready to re-claim your backyard by hiring a Hollywood Hills, California swimming pool removal company to take out your old pool?

When it’s time to say goodbye to your backyard pool, call us here at Remove A Pool. We specialize in disconnecting, demolishing, and removing all types of swimming pools, and our comprehensive services include complete site remediation as well.

Owning a swimming pool can seem like a great idea, but if you’re like many homeowners who have a pool, chances are good you’ve discovered that pool ownership can be a real burden. After all, pools require a lot of ongoing maintenance and care – even if you or your family rarely spend time in the pool.

If you’re considering removing a swimming pool in Hollywood Hills, California, here’s just a few of the benefits you can look forward to:

  • You’ll enjoy savings on your home insurance bills
  • You no longer need to worry about the liability that comes with having a private pool
  • You won’t be at the mercy of ever-rising water rates
  • You can finally install that garden you’ve always wanted, add a gazebo, expand your deck, or simply enjoy having a nice, spacious backyard
  • You’ll say goodbye to your pool maintenance service

Another big benefit of having your old pool removed is the impact this project could have on your property values. In the past, a private pool was considered to be a real asset that boosted home prices, but today’s savvy buyers are now searching for low maintenance properties. In many cases, properties with a pool take longer to sell, and the final price is lower than comparable listings that do not include a pool.

Your Professional, No-Stress Pool Removal Solution

Here at Remove A Pool we make getting rid of your pool simple and stress-free by taking care of your entire pool removal project. Our all-inclusive swimming pool demolition services in the Hollywood Hills begin with our free, no-obligation quote.

When you hire us, you don’t need to worry about getting demolition permits from the county, contacting your utility companies, or hiring a junk removal company to haul away the debris – we’ll take care of all the details for you.

Our team of fully licensed, screened, and insured pool removal contractors use industry-leading techniques and clean, well-maintained equipment to complete your pool removal job on time, and on budget. And because our services include filling the project site with a special mix of sand, soil, and gravel, you can look forward to a nice level yard once we’re done. At your request, we’ll even plant grass seed over the area where your pool was.

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To learn more about why we’re the best swimming pool removal company that discerning property owners trust with their pool removal projects, call us here at Remove A Pool.