Removing a swimming pool is a big project regardless of what type of pool you have, and pricing for pool removal varies based on a number of factors.

Here at Remove A Pool, we don’t use a flat-rate fee structure simply because each pool removal project is different. We believe that you should only pay for the time, skilled labor and materials it takes to disconnect, demolish and dispose of your pool — and that you shouldn’t be charged for services that you don’t need.

What Impacts the Price of Pool Removal?

Pricing for pool removal ranges from about $7,000 up to $25,000 or more. Here are the variables that impact the cost of pool removal:

  • The location of your pool, which affects the type of equipment we can use and how long the project will take to complete
  • The materials your pool is made of, with gunite and concrete being the most expensive due to the weight of the material and the need for specialized equipment to demolish it
  • The size and shape of your swimming pool
  • The number and type of utility lines that need to be disconnected and capped off
  • The amount of standing water remaining in your swimming pool, and whether or not the water has been treated with chlorine or other chemicals
  • Whether or not an environmental assessment is required before your property can be filled in
  • The distance between your property and the nearest recycling facility that can accept the debris from your pool
  • The price of county demolition permits
  • Additional services such as planting fresh grass seed over the project site

Of course, the biggest variable involved with the price of swimming pool removal is whether you want your in-ground swimming pool filled in or completely extracted.

Why is Pool Filling Cheaper Than Complete Pool Demolition?

With partial pool removal, also known as filling in a swimming pool, the price is significantly lower than complete pool removal simply because there is much less time and skilled labor involved.

To fill in an in-ground swimming pool our skilled contractors disconnect and cap off the utility services, siphon out the water and demolish the upper 18″-36″ of the pool structure and decking. We then create drainage holes in the base of the pool before filling it with clean fill and leveling it off.

By comparison, with complete pool removal, also called pool extraction, your entire pool is demolished and removed. As you can imagine, this process takes significantly more time, skilled labor and the use of heavy equipment than pool filling does, which makes the price of complete pool demolition much higher than the price for pool filling.

When comparing the costs of our two pool removal options it’s important to think about your future plans for your property, including whether you may be selling your home at some point. Many of our clients opt for full pool removal because this service essentially restores their yard back to the way it was before a pool was installed — this can both boost their property value and leave their options open when it comes to building an extension on their house or installing a new garage or workshop.

Contact Us for Your Free Pool Removal Quote

To find out exactly what having your unwanted pool either filled in or completely removed will cost, contact us here at Remove A Pool. We’ll inspect your pool, discuss your future plans and budget, and provide you with a clear, upfront pool removal price that includes all the skilled labor, permits, inspections and materials it takes to complete your project.

And remember, removing your unwanted pool won’t just improve the look of your backyard — it will also lead to significant savings on your home insurance, cut your maintenance and utility costs, and eliminate the liability issues that come with owning a private swimming pool.