When it comes to hot tub demolition and disposal, you can count on our team of professional hot tub removal contractors to do the job right, the first time. We’re Remove A Pool, and for over 25 years we’ve been helping homeowners say goodbye to their unused Jacuzzis, leaky hot tubs, and outdated spas.

How We Work

Here at Remove A Pool, we don’t just remove hot tubs – we provide you with comprehensive, high-quality service that includes all the permits, labor, materials, equipment, and disposal fees it takes to disconnect your hot tub, dismantle it, and take it away.

When you call us for Hunt Valley, Maryland hot tub removal and demolition services, here’s what you can expect:

  • Our friendly, professional estimator will review your project, discuss your goals, and develop a clear, all-inclusive quote for removing a hot tub in Hunt Valley, Maryland
  • Once you give us the go-ahead, we’ll book your job at a time that fits your busy schedule
  • We’ll contact the building department on your behalf to obtain any permits that are required before removing your hot tub
  • We’ll also check with your utility companies to ensure we know the exact location of any gas, water, telecommunications, and electrical lines that could be buried near your spa
  • We will carefully siphon all the remaining water out of your Jacuzzi to prevent any spills or flooding while we work
  • Our licensed and insured contractors will turn off all the power and plumbing leading to your hot tub, and cap off the lines using methods that meet or exceed safety standards
  • We’ll use a combination of hand and power tools to de-construct the decking and frame surrounding your hot tub
  • If your spa is small enough to be removed in once piece we’ll leave it in tact, otherwise, we’ll dismantle your Jacuzzi in order to move it through doorways, halls, and gates into our truck
  • We’ll sort out all the recyclable materials, and deliver all the debris to an approved waste management facility

And because we’re confident you’ll love us and our high-quality work, we stand behind every Hunt Valley, Maryland hot tub removal and demolition project we complete with our 5-year satisfaction guarantee.

Contact Us Today

When you’re considering removing a hot tub in Hunt Valley, Maryland, contact us here at Remove A Pool for your free estimate. We’re your professional, no-stress hot tub removal solution!