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At Remove A Pool, our talented team of professionals can help you to get your yard back. Removing a swimming pool in Inland Empire, California can be a big deal. There are numerous steps that we need to take to ensure that the process is done safely and that your needs are always met with the very best level of care and attention. In every situation, it is critically important for property owners to work with experienced professionals to get the very best level of care available.

Why Should You Remove A Pool?

At Remove A Pool , the process is made as simple as possible. We understand that many of the homeowners in our area need to remove their unwanted pool for various reasons.

  • You may no longer use it. You may want to use the space for something else.
  • You may be looking for a way to reduce your costs. With removal, you no longer need to pay for maintenance costs, repairs, and chemicals.
  • You may no longer want the liability risks present.

There are many other reasons that may fit your needs. The key here is to be sure you embrace the removal process – it does not have to be as challenging as you may think.

How Remove A Pool Can Help You

When it comes to removing a pool in the Inland Empire, our first step will be to provide you with a comprehensive consultation. During that appointment, we will discuss ways to access the pool in a safe manner with our equipment. We will also give you options for pool removal.

Full Pool Removal: In this method, we remove as much of the structure as possible. Generally, all hard components of the pool are removed.

Partial Pool Removal: Here, we remove the upper portions of the walls and cave the structure in on itself. This option is less expensive and tends to be our more popular solution.

In all situations, our team will obtain the necessary permits for the work. We will then drill holes into the foundation of the swimming pool to safely drain the water away. Once this happens, we’ll work through the demolition process. We always pay close attention to your needs – and we keep your family and your property safe from start to finish. We can haul away all of the material for you. We’ll fill in the open space with fill dirt and gravel. We then compact it tightly for you. Whenever possible, we recycle materials.

In most situations, our team is available to help you right away.  Swimming pool removal from Remove A Pool is affordable and readily available. Take some time to consider what you will do with all of the new space you have. Our licensed and insured team is just a phone call away.

Give us a call now and schedule a consultation. We are happy to offer a free estimate to you at any time. Remove A Pool can answer any of your questions.  Serving San Bernardino & Riverside County.