Ready to get rid of your old pool? Remove A Pool is ready to take care of your swimming pool removal in Kensington, Maryland. Our qualified demolition contractors are fully equipped to handle your partial removal or complete excavation at competitive prices. We prescreen our professionals to ensure that you get a fully licensed, bonded, and insured expert to safely and efficiently remove your swimming pool.

Why You Should Remove Your Swimming Pool

You need the help of a professional for any demolition job, to ensure a high-quality, safety-conscious removal job is done quickly and efficiently. You should consider contacting Remove A Pool if you are considering any of the following:

  • Installing a New Swimming Pool. If you want a new, bigger pool for your family to enjoy, let us remove the old one so you can get ready for new construction.
  • Selling Your House. Having your swimming pool professionally removed will attract a broader range of potential home buyers to your property.
  • Wanting to Increase Your Home’s Value. Removing an old, unused swimming pool will increase your home’s value and curb appeal.
  • Wanting to Remove Both Hazard & Liability. An abandoned swimming pool in disrepair is a safety hazard for everyone. If anyone is injured, you are liable for the damages.
  • Wanting to Save Money. Remove your swimming pool and get rid of costly upkeep and expensive repairs.
  • Clearing Your Yard for an Upgrade. Try a new landscaping or gardening project or create a beautiful retreat.

Here’s What to Expect When You Contact Remove A Pool

Free Assessment & Estimate: When you choose Remove A Pool for your Kensington, Maryland swimming pool removal, we will visit our home and assess your property and swimming pool. We will give you a free estimate, so you can pick the removal process that best suits your requirements and home improvement budget.

Permits: When you choose Remove A Pool, there’s no need to worry about noncompliance with zoning law ordinances. We will take care of obtaining all necessary permits for your swimming pool removal in Kensington, Maryland.

Demolition: Our reputable demolition contractors will take all necessary safety precautions to make sure that your worksite is safe from injury and unwanted property damage. We will remove part of your swimming pool or completely excavate.

Environmentally Responsible Debris Removal: At Remove A Pool, we believe in protecting the environment. We will load up all debris from your swimming pool removal and haul it away for you. We recycle all waste materials that we possibly can, to lessen the impact on our environment.

Plant Fresh Grass: After we fill in the removal area with dirt and gravel, we will fill the space in with fresh grass if you want, to make your yard look better fast.

Call us today at Remove A Pool for the answers to your Kensington, Maryland swimming pool removal questions. With our free estimate, you have nothing to lose and a whole yard to gain.