Did you finally decide the time is right to remove your unwanted swimming pool? Contacting us should be your next step. At Remove A Pool, we provide outstanding Kingsville, Maryland swimming pool removal service.

Reasons for Removing a Swimming Pool in Kingsville, Maryland

At Remove A Pool, we hear numerous reasons for removing a swimming pool including:

  • Not in Use: During the past summer months your swimming pool was a fun activity for your family to enjoy. Your children have grown; the pool sits unused for long periods of time.
  • Unwanted Feature: When you purchased your home, the swimming pool was already on the property.
  • Increasing Expense: Chemicals, cleaning, and general maintenance costs keep rising.
  • Safety Concerns: The pool is a hazard for your pets, children, or grandchildren.
  • Liability Issue: The pool is a liability which increases your home insurance premium.
  • Needs Costly Repairs: The swimming pool is leaking. The pool needs extensive costly repairs or complete replacement.
  • Upgrading: The current swimming pool is too small for your family. You are replacing the pool with a modern option.
  • Selling Your Home: You are placing your home on the market. Your realtor suggests removing your swimming pool will help attract more buyers.

Regardless of your reason, our pool demolition specialists are ready to help you through the process of removing a swimming pool.

The Swimming Pool Removal Process

At Remove A Pool, we are proud of our knowledge and experience for removing all types of swimming pools. A small portion of our previous swimming pool removal work includes in-ground pools, tiled pools, fiberglass pools, concrete pools, or vinyl pools. If your newly purchased property comes with an abandoned or partially collapsed swimming pool, our team is able to handle the situation with complete confidence.

Free Estimate: We begin every pool removal procedure with a free estimate.

Permits: Our Remove A Pool team files the necessary paperwork to obtain the correct permits. Allowing us to handle the small details ensures a fast, efficient process. We check the local restrictions and rules for pool removal.

Pool Demolition: When we arrive for pool demolition, we do a safety check inspection. If necessary, our team drains your pool and disconnects any utilities. Next, we begin the process of demoing a pool. We either remove your entire swimming pool from your property with the exhumation method. Or we only remove a portion of your pool with the abandonment method. The choice is completely up to you. Each provides high-end results.

Cleanup: We finalize our pool removal process by removing the debris. If possible, we sort any usable materials including concrete and piping for recycling. Our team fills in any open spaces with a mixture of gravel, rocks, and topsoil. We pack the area to avoid settling.

Are you ready to begin your Kingsville, Maryland swimming pool removal process? Contact us at Remove A Pool today.