Remove A Pool is a dedicated provider of swimming pool removal services. Our Lake Ridge, Virginia team are available to discuss your next project with you today. An unused or damaged pool can be an eyesore. It can also be a safety risk. Even if your pool is in good condition, you may no longer use it or want it present. You may see it has a money pit. No matter what your reason is, our trusted professionals are available to help you to get rid of your unwanted pool for good. We provide comprehensive service in a safe and secure manner.

How Does Removing a Swimming Pool in Lake Ridge Work?

Many of our clients want to know what steps to take to get rid of an unwanted or damaged pool. Inground pools have multiple structural components. Our job is to ensure you have the flexibility to use that space in any way that you would like to. To achieve this, we offer several types of pool removal services.

In full pool demolition, we remove all of the components of the pool. We begin by cracking the bottom of the pool to allow the water to drain. This is the most efficient and cost effective method possible. From there, we will remove the entire structure of the pool. Our team will haul it away for you and then fill in the open area with gravel and dirt. Some of our clients want the most effective option at the lowest price. In this situation, we may recommend a partial pool removal. Here, we remove just the structural walls of the pool and fill in the open space leaving the foundation in place.

How to Get Started

To get started with removing a pool in Lake Ridge, Virginia, call the team at Remove A Pool. We will provide a full consultation to you. During this consultation, we can discuss the various options for removing a pool from your property. We are happy to offer a free estimate for this service.

You can depend on Remove A Pool. Our Lake Ridge, Virginia team is experienced and well trained in demolition. We use only the best equipment and follow all local codes and requirements. This can give you the confidence and peace of mind to work with us. We’re insured and licensed professionals.

Call Remove A Pool now to schedule a consultation as well as a free estimate for pool removal. Our team is happy to help you reclaim your yard to use as you would like to.