Decided it’s time to say goodbye to your unwanted backyard pool?

Once you’ve hired a professional, licensed pool removal company, the next step is deciding what to do with your newly-reclaimed outdoor space. While the easiest option might be to simply extend your lawn, the possibilities are truly endless. After all, removing a 20′ x 40′ pool gives you an extra 800 square feet of space, and that doesn’t include the deck!

Here’s five ways you can transform your outdoor space after removing your pool:

1) Install an Awesome Shed

If you’ve always wanted a private studio, workshop or baby barn, removing your pool gives you plenty of space to install your very own ‘man cave’ or ‘she-shed’. Because garden sheds don’t require foundations, these compact buildings can be installed right where your pool once was, even if you opt for partial pool removal.

2) Build a Patio or Deck

Whether you’re looking for a spot to put your grill, want to build an outdoor kitchen, or simply need a level, grass-free space to set up your patio furniture, a deck or patio is perfect. And not only does a nice deck make a great place to entertain family and friends, but it can also boost the resale value of your home.

3) Plant a Garden

Now’s your chance to let your green thumb loose by creating your dream garden in the spot where your swimming pool was. At Remove A Pool, we fill and level the space where your pool was using clean, well-draining soil and aggregates, providing you with a great foundation for your flowers, veggies or perennials.

4) Make Fido a Dog Run

If your family includes a four-legged member or two, why not make your own private dog run? Dog runs, or private off-leash areas, are a great way to let your pooch run free without worrying that they’ll dig up your lawn or head off to visit the neighbors.

5) Extend Your House

Removing your pool leaves lots of space to build an extra room or two onto your home. As long as you opted for full pool demolition to remove the entire foundation of your pool, you can finally have that main-floor bedroom you’ve always wanted, an extra bathroom, or even a beautiful year-round solarium.

When you’re ready to reclaim your outdoor space by having your old, unwanted pool removed, give us a call here at Remove A Pool. Our estimates are always free, and we stand behind all of our services with our industry-leading lifetime warranty.