Do you have a pool in your yard that has fallen in disrepair or has lost its appeal? Homeowners have many reasons for removing a swimming pool in League City, Texas. The most common reasons for swimming pool removal in League City, Texas that we run across include:

  • Pool is in disrepair
  • Pool is no longer in use
  • Homeowner desires more yard space
  • Pool has become a hazard and liability issue
  • Homeowner is selling the home
  • Pool is outdated and has become an eyesore
  • Homeowner needs to make room for a new pool

Homeowners have different motivations for League City, Texas swimming pool removal. If you’ve decided that pool removal is the only option for you, then the professionals at Remove A Pool are here to help.

Steps to Removing a Swimming Pool in League City

  • An experienced pool removal expert from Remove A Pool will assess your property and provide you with a free estimate. This estimate will provide you with the cost of swimming pool removal in League City, options for pool removal and you will be given the opportunity to ask questions.
  • Once you decide on an option for swimming pool removal, Remove A Pool will obtain the necessary permits to complete the job. Our customers appreciate this step because they don’t have to worry with obtaining the proper permits.
  • If your pool has any water in it, we will need to drain the pool at this time.
  • You have two options for pool removal. You can choose a partial removal (abandonment) where we will remove most of the pool. We will then punch holes in the pool to allow for maximum drainage. The second option is exhumation removal which is a complete removal of the pool. In either case, we will fill the hole with dirt and rocks.
  • Once the pool has been removed, we will clean up the site and remove debris.
  • A final step in the process, which many of our customers appreciate, is the planting of fresh grass to enhance the appearance of the property and restore your yard to perfection.

If your property contains a pool that you no longer use or you have decided that you can use the space occupied by your pool for other purposes, then you need to call the experts at Remove A Pool. We will strive to provide you with quality services and ensure that you are satisfied with the excellent service we provide. Call us today to discuss your League City  swimming pool removal.

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