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There is a myriad of reasons why you might want to contemplate your swimming pool removal in Lehigh County PA ranging from selling the house to expending an existing pool, or making much needed repairs on a damaged pool. Here at Remove a Pool, we understand that your backyard is a changing tableau from which you need to occasionally make adjustments such as authorizing a swimming pool removal project. If you were wondering whether now was the time to remove your pool, or you are expanding the vision you have for your backyard, you should reach out to us for any questions you might have for the future of your outdoor pool.

Lehigh County PA Swimming Pool Removal

Removing a pool in Lehigh County PA is easy when you have our dedicated team by your side. Your pool removal experience begins with a detailed analysis and plan for safely removing your pool, and once you have approved our services, we will be responsible for getting all the required permits for the job.

Customers such as yourself have two options for removing that unwanted or unsightly swimming pool:

  • Abandoned Demolition Method—in this pool removal blueprint, we essentially remove the bulk of the pool before punching holes into what remains to allow for proper drainage.
  • Exhumation Demolition—is a project whereby we remove every aspect of the old pool before carefully fill the hole using dirt and rocks with an eye towards resolving any settlement issues moving forward.

Once removed, you can rely on our team to clean up and remove all debris associated with the removal of your pool to a recycle point where the material can be reused, which is an ideal solution for those of you in Lehigh County Pennsylvania.

Speaking of green, after removing the pool and hauling it away, we are not content to leave a gash across your lawn because we will plant fresh grass where your pool once stood, so ask about this green-friendly solution for covering the former hole in your yard.

Call the Pool Removal Specialist at Remove a Pool

For your Lehigh County PA swimming pool removal project, we are standing by to help you with the planning, demolition, and cleanup of your existing backyard pool. Don’t worry or delay your decision through lack of knowledge, or knowing that our experience and talented team is standing by to help you with this major backyard project. Call us today and schedule a no-obligation, free estimate